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[3830] Recording solution at OH0W

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Subject: [3830] Recording solution at OH0W
From: kari.lehtimaki@olsy.fi (Lehtimaki Kari)
Date: Thu, 2 Apr 1998 09:26:07 +0300
There were several questions how this was done:

Follow-ups to cq-contest@contesting.com, please!

Original posting: 
We recorded the whole contest on a laptop and it took about 300 MB of 
disk space. The idea is to copy these audio files with CT files onto a 
That is a nice way to archive a contest. And after the sunspots are 
down you can always play your favourite contest pileups afterwards . . 

The solution is quite straight forward:

1)      Audio cable spiltter to radio (Y-plug to the headphone jack)
2)      Connect audio to your multimedia computer (sound input port)
3)      Use your preferred recording software (we used this: 
http://www.sagebrush.com/~sells/recall.htm )
4)      Use the lowest sampling rate with compression (we had 8 kHz with GSM 
6.10 compression) If you find one supporting 2,5 kHz sampling please 
let us all know about it.
5)      GO!
6)      After the contest copy all the files to a CD-ROM (actually a 
CD-WORM). There are several CD-Writer devices available.
7)      Enjoy it!

We had also a relay box in the audio line disconnecting the audio 
signal while sending. The software we used automatically stops 
recording if there is no audio coming in. This way you can reduce the 
needed disk space from 40 to 60%. We did not activate the box this time 
but will probably in the future.

73 de Kari, OH2XX

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