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[3830] H40AA very good op!

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Subject: [3830] H40AA very good op!
From: S56A@S55TCP.ampr.org (Marijan Miletic)
Date: Sat, 04 Apr 98 10:00:14 EST
I guess posting something other than scores at this reflector might be
considered as a part of new policy which I somehow ignored failing to
subscribe in order to publish my score on virtual 3830.

I usually do NOT chase DX but I like to break pile-ups!  H40AA was
announced on 21295 kHz and I switched my radio and tuned SB-220.  He
was loud and clear with a heavy Finnish accent announcing 21300-21330
QSX and that segment was ful of callers.  I tuned at 21305, called
once and got 599 with a plea to confirm my callsign.  I was asked two
more times to verify S56A and I finally got a confirmation.  I
consider this type of operation as a highly professional and I even
suspect Marti was on the other end as he didn't say Hi Mario despite
my thanking in the only OH word I know: Terve!

If they would not limit QSX, pile-up will surely spread much wider.

73 de Mario, S56A, N1YU.

P.S.  I also tried to work them on 40m CW but I was ashamed of
      behaviour of EU hams on their freq.  Policing stations were even
      worse with long transmissions!

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