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[3830] CQ WW SSB - XX9X - Multi-Multi

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Subject: [3830] CQ WW SSB - XX9X - Multi-Multi
From: N6ZZ@aol.com (N6ZZ@aol.com)
Date: Wed, 28 Oct 1998 09:45:32 EST

                               CQ WW SUMMARY SHEET

    Contest Dates : 24-Oct-98, 25-Oct-98

    Callsign Used : XX9X

    Operators:   AB6BH, K5OT, K6JL, K6MC, N6AA, N6ZZ, W6XD

    Category : Multi - Multi

    Default Exchange : 59 24

   BAND     Valid QSOs   Points   Countries   Zones

  160SSB          10             17             9         6
   80SSB         494            819          51        23
   40SSB         837          1484          77        31
   20SSB       2299           5023        128        38
   15SSB       3225           6547        122        37
   10SSB       2013           3762        103        34

 Totals           8878         17652        490       169

    Final Score = 11,632,668 points.

An interesting operation for our group this year.  You may have heard news
reports of Typhoon Babs, which killed several hundred people in the
Philippines about a week ago before the contest.  Babs headed to the north
after her destructive activities in DU, and at one point was aimed directly at
Hong Kong and Macau.  

Pre-typhoon winds started whipping up, and we became very concerned about the
antennas, which were on a 17-story hotel.  Not only were the antennas at risk,
but if they came down, the chance of hitting somebody in this highly urban
area would be quite likely.  

So with about 12 hours left in the contest, we took down the 40 meter beam and
the tribander we were using on 15.  These exercises were most interesting, as
the winds were around 35-40 mph with gusts around 50.

The impact on our score was rather dramatic, as we had made about 800 contacts
on 40 the first night.....the second night we managed only about 50.  15 meter
operation during the last 12 hours alternated with 20 meters using the
remaining tribander.

Ultimately, Babs veered off to the east and spared Macau and Hong Kong....but,
our precautionary activities probably cost the operation around 1000 QSOs.
All in all, we consider ourselves very fortunate!

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