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[3830] K7ZO NAQP SSB Multi-Op

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Subject: [3830] K7ZO NAQP SSB Multi-Op
From: k7zo@micron.net (K7ZO, Scott Tuthill)
Date: Sun, 22 Aug 1999 19:02:41 -0600
                                    August 1999
                          NCJ North American QSO Party


                                 Valid QSOs   Multipliers
____ Single operator         160         12     8
                              80         46    23
_XX_ Multi operator           40        265    55
                              20        535    55
                              15        272    39
                              10          0     0
                           TOTAL       1130   180

                            Claimed Score = 203,400

If multioperator, show calls of all operators, loggers K7ZO, W7ZRC, K7MK,

The Southwest Idaho Contest Club traveled over to NK7U?s Baker, Oregon
contest superstation to have some fun. Unfortunately, Joe/NK7U, could not
make it, so we carried on without him. Our exchange, ?JOE Oregon? was in his

We used NAQP as our shakedown cruise of WriteLog in a multi-operator,
networked environment. NK7U has been a CT house, but I would say we are
going to be moving to WriteLog for future contests. The networking is great
and when the system did crash, the logs re-sync?d automatically. This
feature alone is worth the price and switch. The customizable screen layouts
are super as well, you can use big screen fonts on the text you look at a
lot. Good on aging eyes. You can also arrange the screen information in a
way that makes the most sense for you by simply dragging and resizing the
boxes. If anyone is interested in more details on our WriteLog experience
send me a note.

As far as the bands go 10M obviously was a big disappointment. We scanned
the band every 20 min or so and never heard a peep. The fact that anyone got
any QSO?s was amazing. Of course you can always work the locals, but out
west here the contesters are few and far between, California not
withstanding. 15M probably was better than our numbers tell as were plagued
by a very high local noise level S5-7 or so. We need to track this down
before CQWW this fall. 20M was our money band and we had a station on it for
probably 10 of the 12 hours. 40M doing great for mults and sure was fun
right at our local sunset when the band just exploded with a great run of 25
stations in 10 minutes. 80/160 suffered from the usual high summer noise
levels. Our multipliers on these bands were low again because of the big
states out here, there just are not many multipliers to work near by.  For
example, within 500 miles of NK7U in Baker, OR there are 9 multipliers or
so. Within 500 miles of Boston, there are 17 multipliers. And, like I saw
mentioned in another posting or two, ?Where was Nevada?? We missed that
state on all the bands, as well as Alaska. Nebraska and Hawaii found their
way into our logs on only one band. And finally, we sure do miss Jay, VY1JA,
up in the north.



                     QSO/MUL by hour and band

Hour   160M     80M     40M     20M     15M     10M    Total     Cumm
1800Z    -       -       -     70/26   49/24     -    119/50    119/50
1900Z    -       -       -     48/13   45/9      -     93/22    212/72
2000Z    -       -       -     36/2    25/2      -     61/4     273/76
2100Z    -       -       -     58/5    16/0      -     74/5     347/81
2200Z    -       -       -     45/4    44/3      -     89/7     436/88
2300Z    -       -       -     39/0    40/0      -     79/0     515/88
0000Z  --+--   --+--   --+--   56/0    38/1    --+--   94/1     609/89
0100Z    -       -     35/20   45/3    15/0      -     95/23    704/112
0200Z    -       -     79/23   78/2      -       -    157/25    861/137
0300Z    -     29/19   65/5     4/0      -       -     98/24    959/161
0400Z   3/3     5/1    40/3    41/0      -       -     89/7    1048/168
0500Z   9/5    12/3    46/4    15/0      -       -     82/12   1130/180

Total: 12/8    46/23  265/55  535/55  272/39    0/0

Multiplier Summary -- as reported by WriteLog, not all these are
NAQP mults, so the count will not correspond to what is reported
in the scoring.

160 Meters
CA   AZ   ID   OR   WA   IL   IA   SD


 80 Meters
MD   PA   GA   KY   TN   AR   OK   TX   CA   ID   MT   OR   WA
OH   IL   IN   WI   IA   MN   MO   SK   AB   BC


 40 Meters
CT   MA   ME   NH   RI   VT   NJ   NY   PA   AL   FL   GA   KY
NC   SC   TN   VA   AR   LA   MS   NM   OK   TX   CA   HI   AZ
ID   MT   UT   WA   WY   MI   OH   WV   IL   IN   WI   CO   IA
KS   MN   MO   NE   ND   SD   LAB  NB   ON   MB   SK   AB   BC

KP4   XE    YS

 20 Meters
CT   MA   ME   NH   RI   VT   NJ   NY   DE   MD   PA   AL   FL
GA   KY   NC   SC   TN   VA   AR   LA   MS   NM   OK   TX   CA
AZ   ID   MT   UT   WY   MI   OH   WV   IL   IN   WI   CO   IA
KS   MN   MO   ND   SD   NB   PQ   ON   MB   SK   AB   BC   NWT

5U    9Y    KP2   KP4   LU    OA    XE    YV

 15 Meters
CT   MA   ME   NH   RI   VT   NJ   NY   DE   MD   PA   AL   FL
GA   KY   NC   SC   TN   VA   AR   LA   MS   NM   OK   TX   CA
OR   OH   WV   CO   KS   MO   SD   SK   AB

CE    KP2   KP4   LU    OA    PY    PZ    XE    YN

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