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[3830] KK1L M/2 Phone NAQP August 1999

To: <3830@contesting.com>
Subject: [3830] KK1L M/2 Phone NAQP August 1999
From: kk1l@arrl.net (Ron Rossi, KK1L)
Date: Mon, 23 Aug 1999 21:31:23 +0000
                              NA QSO SUMMARY SHEET

    Contest Dates : 21-Aug-99, 22-Aug-99

    Callsign Used : KK1L
    Station Used  : N1MEZ
        Operators : KK1L, N1MEZ

         Category : M/2 150 Watts

   BAND   Raw QSOs   Valid QSOs   Points   Mults

  160SSB      49          48         48      23     160m windom/vert
   80SSB     198         193        193      39     80m dipole/vert
   40SSB     347         344        344      53     A3S/160m windom
   20SSB     461         456        456      49     KT34XA/A3S
   15SSB      99          98         98      22     KT34XA/A3S
   10SSB       1           1          1       1     KT34XA/A3S

 Totals     1155        1140       1140     187

    Final Score = 213180 points.

Rig-A: FT-1000D
Rig-B: TS-850SAT

Antennas: KT34XA at 55'
          A3S w/40m at 70'
          160m windom at 50'
          80m dipole at 35'
          160m/80m vertical dipole on 70' tower

Tried really hard to log accurately to lower our 4.4% reduction of last
time.  I appreciate all the good and patient operators we ran into! Man
I had a dickens of a time with some of the exchanges (both conditions
and between the ears problems). Absolutely no jamming this time until
after the contest on 3830. It was way to late in the evening to warm up
the Titan and show the jammer who was who though.

We found the band conditions difficult.  The rates and Qs were
significantly down from January.  Bob and I were hanging in there
assuming others were seeing the same difficulties we were.  The SO
scores show it, but there are some nice M/2 submissions!!

We had a great time again and are planning on making this M/2 a regular
event.  I really enjoy getting together and seeing what we can pull off
amidst our normally busy schedules.  This year we had three AB577
military masts at our disposal.  We only had the time to erect one at
70'.  Since I recently moved into a new home, I have not had the
opportunity to install most of my equipement.  That allowed us the
second tribander. It worked out GREAT being able to work any band on
any radio...much better than the simple 10/20/80 & 15/40/160 setup we
ran with in January.

73 de KK1L...ron (kk1l@arrl.net) <><
QTH: St. Albans, Vermont
My page: http://www.qsl.net/kk1l

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