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[3830] QST Screwup/ILL and IND QSO Parties

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Subject: [3830] QST Screwup/ILL and IND QSO Parties
From: w9dy@juno.com (w9dy@juno.com)
Date: Mon, 30 Aug 1999 13:39:03 +0100
They really did a number on the Indiana and Illinois QSO Parties on page
105 of Sept QST.

The date, Sept 11 is for the Indiana one but the caption is for Illinois.
  Some of the rules are for Illinois and the rest are for Indiana. 
Please disregard the whole thing but try to show up for Indiana on Sept
11.  (I think that is their date but have not been able to get a reply
from N9I to confirm.)  QST people say that the correct Illinois info will
appear in the October issue.  
To make sure,  you can get the REAL dope from our RAMS website,  
http://www.megsinet.com/~jematz/rams.html     or SASE to KB9II   CBA.

We will have a lot of Illinois portables and mobiles out for October
17/18,   (1800-0200Z)    KF9D/m will try to hit his usual 20 or more
counties and W9DY/p will be at a 4-corner intersection.   

See ya,

Bud,   W9DY

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