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Subject: [3830] CQWW SSB W4NF SOAB(A) HP
From: w4nf@aol.com (w4nf@aol.com)
Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2000 12:29:03 -0500 (EST)
                     CQ Worldwide DX Contest - SSB
Call: W4NF
Operator(s): W4NF
Station: W4NF

Class: SOAB(A) HP
QTH: VA 05
Operating Time (hrs): 39

 Band     QSOs  Zones  Countries
  160:     12      6      7
   80:     37      9     28
   40:    118     18     67
   20:    317     31    105
   15:    463     33    115
   10:    859     34    120
Total:   1806    131    442  =  2,950,950

Club/Team: PVRC


Rig: FT 1000MP, Amp: Alpha 374A, NA v10.43, WX0B Stackmatch
Antennas: 20/15/10 - (2) Force12 C3E @87' and 57'(bottom fixed on EU)
                     (1) CC A3S at 35' towards SA
                40 - CC 40-2CD @75'
                80 - Dipole @ 65' and 1/4 WL Vertical over 32 radials
               160 - 1/4 WL Inverted L over same 32 radials as 80 Mtr Vertical

This was this first time I ever operated CQWW for the whole contest and also a
first for all the new antennas.  What a great time.  The ability to select
antennas pointing in different directions or phase the top 2 towards EU was
great.  Best runs were on 10 Mtrs on Saturday morning where I had 2 back to
back hours over 140 Qs.  What did I do for the third hour you might ask?  Well
I don't know what I was thinking, maybe that I was missing something on the
other bands or something but I switched between 15 and 10 for the next couple
of hours and my rate went way down.  I guess I need to concentrate on sticking
with my run freq when it is playing as well as 10 was on Saturday morning.  The
F12 antennas were great and the 40-2CD got me thru most 40 mtr pile ups in the
first call or so.  On the packet induced pile ups I did get beat by K3PP, AA3B
and N3RR alot but then I guess so did alot of others.  My son (13 Yrs old,
W4MFM) was looking over my shoulder while I was trying to break the KG4VL pile
up on Sunday afternoon.  He asked if I was always the last person to get thru
the pile ups!  On some it felt that way while on others I busted them on the
first call.  Most were within the first 5-6 people worked so I can't complain
much.  Well, I had a great time and I'll CU in the next contest.  73, Jack W4NF

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