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[3830] 10m N4PK LP SSB Only

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Subject: [3830] 10m N4PK LP SSB Only
From: pekjr@tampabay.rr.com (Paul Knupke, Jr.)
Date: Sun, 16 Dec 2001 23:58:56 -0500
     Call used: N4PK                                           Location:
     Category: Single Op All Band         Mode: PHONE           Power:
     Callsign of Operator: N4PK  
     Exchanged Information: N4PK RST FL  
     Hours of Operation: 25:09
      band      QSOs      points    mults
     CW           0           0       0
     PH         937        1874     112
     TOTAL      937        1874     112      SCORE: 209,888
     Club or Team Name: Florida Contest Group
Activity seemed slower than last year (maybe because Christmas is a week
away only?)   Missed AL, GA, MS, KY, WV, SC, NC, LA, AR, and DE.   Also
missed LAB, YT, NU.  No close in propogation.  Only worked to stations
in Ohio and it took me until nearly 600 Qs before being called by the

25 hours of average 39 hours was pretty boring.   

I guess 1,000 Qsos from home will have to wait until next year.   I had
50 more Qs and my score was almost 40K better than 2000.

73 & Happy Holidays from Sunny and warm (24 days of 80+ degree days in a
row) Florida,
Paul - N4PK

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