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[3830] ARRL10 N5DUW(@N5TW) SO CW LP

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Subject: [3830] ARRL10 N5DUW(@N5TW) SO CW LP
From: n5duw@arrl.net (n5duw@arrl.net)
Date: Tue, 18 Dec 2001 23:04:31 -0500 (EST)
                     ARRL 10-Meter Contest
Call: N5DUW
Operator(s): N5DUW
Station: N5TW

Class: SO CW LP
Operating Time (hrs): 29

 Mode     QSOs  Mults
   CW:   1423    129
Total:   1423    129  =  735,816

Club: Central Texas DX and Contesting Club


I operated the 2001 ARRL 10 meter contest at N5TW's incredible station.  
This was an incredible experience for me, as I had never operated as Single Op 
from a "big gun" station. I made just over 1500 q's(raw), which is 3 times the 
amount that I have ever made from home with the trusty vertical!! 

     I operated a little under 29 hours, with some being MUCH better than 
others.  My highest rate/hour was only 82, but I did have 10 hours over 60/hr.  
This was a huge learning experience for me since 90% of my contesting has been 
as a small station searching and pouncing.  This was the first time that I've 
ever actually "run" a frequency for any length of time, especially on cw.  CW 
is by far my favorite mode, but there was a learning curve with it.  This is 
also only my second time to use TR.  

     Friday night was pretty good, with 50-60+ rates the first two hours.  
Slowed a bit the third hour.  0300-0330Z was really unusual, as I only worked 
W5's and ZL's(7 of these!)--nothing else could be heard on the band!  Decent
rates Saturday until 0000Z Sat. evening.  The bands seemed to just
completely fold, and with the storms I called it a night at 0230Z.

    Sunday was productive as well.  I did very little S&P, following the
advice of virtually every serious contester that I have spoken with.  I only
made a couple of passes to snag a few missing mults.  I ended up with all
states except Wyoming, and missed LB, PEI, YT, and possibly one other.  Had
a few nice ones call me, such as VR, DU, HL, and several others.  All in
all, this was an incredible experience.  I was very satisfied with the results, 
as I am still a relatively new contester, and this was my first serious entry 
from a competitive station.  I look forward to doing more single and multi-op 
contests in the future.  

Jack Markum  N5DUW

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