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[3830] ARRL10 K1TO SO CW LP

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Subject: [3830] ARRL10 K1TO SO CW LP
From: k1to@aol.com (k1to@aol.com)
Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2001 01:20:14 -0500 (EST)
                     ARRL 10-Meter Contest
Call: K1TO

Class: SO CW LP
Operating Time (hrs): 31
Radios: SO2R

 Mode     QSOs  Mults
   CW:   1873    139
Total:   1873    139  =  1,043,056



Interesting to see that all of us Floridians suffered on Saturday while the 
rest of the world basked in the great condx.  Really felt like the proverbial 
kid in the candy store watching helplessly as all the good stuff was 
unapproachable.  I thought it was me until reading and hearing all the other 
lamentations from our state.  Sunday felt more "normal".  

Tried real hard, but I was 150 Qs down from last year on day one and only made 
up about 25 Qs on Sunday to end up about 125 down from last year.  Worked 20% 
less JA than last year, so the great JA runs that many others are mentioning 
did not materialize here.  Actually worked 40 more Eu QSOs than last year, but 
128 less Ws this year.  As was apparently the case for everyone else, there was 
zero sporadic-E to boost the domestic QSO count either evening (none that I 
recall last year either, though).  Interesting to see 75 UAs in this year's log 
and only 37 last year.  

Good thing the 2 MPs were working or I'd've been bored to tears.  Easily made 
several hundred second rig QSOs in between all those unanswered CQs.  Thought 
I'd scooped up a bunch of good mults on the 2nd rig only to find that just 
about everyone had a higher multiplier.  Only heard a few mults that I did not 
work - YB (several CQed in my face both Fri and Sat), V31JP (Joe QRTed soon 
after the first time I ran across him, then I heard him answer someone on 
Sunday), ZS4TX (heard Bernie give #77 to someone he answered Sun AM), 
4F?(answered a W6) and CO8ZZ (too close in - in fact, he stole my freq on 
Sunday and could not hear me calling!).  Also never heard Z3 or VR2BG, usually 
routine from here.  

In NA, never heard SC or YT.  K4OJ told me Sat nite that he had worked W3VT(SC) 
and VY1JA, but I never heard them.  Did hear KE3VV in DC answer someone, but 
again, not me.  

I was 5 ahead of last year's mult on day one, then was excited to nail J41YM, 
EX2M, VQ9X and N8OO in LA early on Sunday, only to come up dry most of the day 
and end up even with last year - just barely at that - working OA4O in the last 
minute of the contest after calling his S7 +/- signal for 5 minutes.  Had not 
worked HL until 2 answered me in the same minute with an hour to go on Sunday!

Having had a lightning strike in August, there were several things still not 
repaired that had been working last year.  First, the rotor on the taller tower 
was inoperable and secondly, the middle antenna in my 3 stack was not 
recognized by the StackMatch (might be a control cable issue).  So, the 
antennas this time (all simple 4L on 14' booms) were at 87' fixed Eu /29' fixed 
Eu on tower 1 and 56' (rotary)/32' fixed to USA on tower 2.

Strangest event of the weekend was having a 3' snake crawl up my coaxes and 
peer through the Lexan window at me for a while!  

If you missed FL this weekend, you weren't on.  Our Florida Contest Group was 
out in force again.  We are now over the 100 member mark and I'm guessing that 
about half were on this weekend.  

That's enough 10M for a while.  I was the primary 10M op at N4TO for WW SSB and 
shared 10M with K9NW at HC8N for WW CW.  Over 8000 Qs between these 3 contests 
on 10M.  

Happy holidays to all.

73, Dan

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