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[3830] MiQP W8MJ Multi-Op HP

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Subject: [3830] MiQP W8MJ Multi-Op HP
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Date: Mon, 19 Apr 2004 18:50:41 -0700
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                    Michigan QSO Party

Call: W8MJ
Operator(s): W8MJ, K8CC
Station: W8MJ

Class: Multi-Op HP
Operating Time (hrs): 12

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs
   80:   99     68
   40:  260    370
   20:  155    347
   15:    4     15
   10:    2      2
Total:  520    802  CW Mults = 98  Ph Mults = 104  Total Score = 372,084

Club: Mad River Radio Club


Station 1 - 40M (K8CC):
FT-1000MP, AL-1200
40M CW dipole @ 30', 40M SSB dipole @ 30', 2L Telrex yagi @ 70'

Station 2 - 80M/20M/15M/10M (W8MJ):
FT-1000MP Field, Titan
80M CW dipole @ 50', 75M SSB dipole @ 50' 3xTH6DX @ 100'/66'/33'

After spending the last five years in MiQP mobiling to every one of Michigan's
83 counties, we decided to stay home this time.  Livingston County (where Ken
lives) usually does not have much activity in MiQP so a multi from here seemed
like a good idea.  By cannibalizing Ken's SO2R setup, along with a spare amp and
logging computer from K8CC, we were able to put two stations on the air.  We
would have liked to had a third station, but no point with only two ops :-(

We started on 40M and 20M, and the first hour saw 161 QSOs go into the log. 
Having spent the past five MiQPs mobiling it is difficult to judge activity
levels, but this seemed pretty good to us.  40M was suffering from mid-day
absorption so many signals were weak.  20M OTOH, had pretty good signals and
activity, and was ahead of 40M most of the day.

We tried to make the recommended "activity times" on 15M and 10M with little
luck.  Later in the afternoon, some of the West Coast participants asked us to
try 15M, and we were reported as S9+30dB, but just a few people to work.

80M was noisy with QRN, and did not see much activity until the last 2-3 hours. 
Activity was helped when 40M went long in the last hour (making in-state QSOs

Our goal before the contest was to make 1000 QSOs and 200 mults with two rigs. 
We were very pleased with the QSO total, as the activity held up and nine of the
twelve contest hours yielded 100+ QSOs.  The mult goal came down to the wire and
in the end we had to become more dilligent in asking stations to QSY modes for
additional mults.

This was the first ever multi-op from W8MJ, and only the second or third time
that legal-limit power has been used in a full-tilt contest effort.  We were
pleased that by using ICE bandpass filters on the radios, there was zero
inter-station interference.

Thanks to everyone for the QSOs.  It was a blast.


Ken, W8MJ
Dave, K8CC

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