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[3830] FlQP NJ4M/M M/SMixed LP

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Subject: [3830] FlQP NJ4M/M M/SMixed LP
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Date: Mon, 26 Apr 2004 07:59:10 -0700
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                    Florida QSO Party

Call: NJ4M/M
Operator(s): WD4AHZ, K4LOG, BRITNEY
Station: NJ4M

Class: M/SMixed LP
Operating Time (hrs): 20

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs
   40:   52      0
   20:  897    431
   15:   32      1
   10:    0      0
Total:  981    432  CW Mults = 522  Ph Mults = 285  Total Score = 181,550

Club: Florida Contest Group


(posted numbers are totals from all counties.  County breakdowns
are below.)

FQP 2004

Our FQP plan, was to make sure we operated both modes from each
county, in order to give everyone a chance at working the
county.  Several weeks ago, I looked over the planned activity 
from each county we'd be in, and noted if one mode was favored 
over another.  We'd try to concentrate our efforts on the mode 
that was lacking.  Friday night, I checked again, and it was 
pretty much evenly split as more stations posted their plans.  
So, our plan was modified to evenly split our time on each 
mode, or until we worked everyone who called us.  Our 
"navigator" plotted our course, and determined how much time 
we'd be in each county.  We stuck as closely to this schedule 
as possible.

Headed out early Saturday morning in order to scout out our 
second operating location (MON), since we had problems with 
it last year.  "Plan B" didn't work out (couldn't get the SUV 
with it's porcupine of antennas under the trees).  We though we 
had figured out a "Plan C", but after retracing our route to 
check our milage, showed us we were about 2 miles short of 
being in MON!  "Plan A" at our "secret location" had us 
covered, so we were ready to go!

Saturday went as planned, with the "usual" pileup as folks 
found us in a new county!!  As we headed into our home 
county (SAR), the CW pileup began, and within seconds of 
each other, I had had 2 folks say thanks for the "Sweep"!
WOW!  Saturday went so well, that we were back at our 
starting location about 10 minutes before things shut down
for the night.

Saturday, we started about 20 minutes late, but no problem.
We didn't plan to put in our full allotted time in our first 
two counties (SAR, MTE) anyway, since we covered them Saturday
night, and there would be several other mobiles covering them 
later on Sunday.  The middle part of Sunday, would bring us 
into parts of the state we hadn't been before, so we didn't 
know what to expect along the way.  We headed north, and took 
the backroads into some pretty country!  (Who says Florida is 

We then turned East to cover some interior counties in the 
center of the state ... and that's when trouble started.
First we missed a turn due to traffic (and a poorly marked
intersection), and we had to backtrack slightly, to find it.
OK, back on course through the backroads ... only 15 minutes 
or so behind schedule.  Not too bad.

We keep pressing on ... then it hits us!  What looked like a 
nice, quiet country road on the map to our "navigator", 
actually put is into the middle of the "Disney World" Tourist 
Trap ... and the traffic, development, and road construction 
that goes along with it!  Great ... we're sitting in traffic 
hitting every red light along the way, while our operating time
keeps slipping away, and we fall further behind schedule - 
about an hour at this point!  (By the way, our "navigator" 
has been fired.)  By this point, we're both frustrated, and have 
thrown our time schedule for each county out the window!  We
start looking into changing our route, to get us home quicker.

>From here, our original plan was to hit OSC, OKE, HIG, HAR, 
and if there was time left, MTE and SAR.  We decided to change 
our route, to OSC, OKE, HIG, DES, and then hopefully MTE.  

With new route in hand, we set off again ... and we're finally 
back on track along the country roads, handing out QSO's and 
making good time.  With the clock winding down on the FQP, K4LOG
is working guys on Phone in DES, and we get a last minute 
request to switch to CW.  A quick QSY into a mistuned antenna, 
and we hand out another "Sweep" at the buzzer!  

Throughout the day Sunday, we had several requests to go back 
to MTE, which we hoped to be able to do towards the end on our
way back home.  Unfortunatly, when the FQP ended, we were about 
10 minutes or so from MTE.  Hopefully the guys that were still 
needing it, had a chance to pick it up from someone else passing 



The pileups!  What a blast.

The "Sweeps"!  Congrats to those who made it!

K4LOG pulling out calls through the line noise garbage, while 
I'm looking out the window, not copying a thing!  (I must work 
too much CW, and have totally tuned out SSB!)


Our "navigator" steering us wrong and into major traffic, 
putting us an hour behind schedule.

LINE NOISE!!!  Sorry to those guys who called us, and we either
had trouble with, or couldn't hear at all!  The line noise was
just awful at times, and we couldn't hear anything but the very 
strongest signals.


Richard, K4LOG

County Breakdown

CTY   40CW   20CW   15CW   MULT   20PH   15PH   MULT

BRO          45            27     14      1     11
CHA          52            26     38            19
CIT          53            27     12            19
CLR          27            23     20            13
DAD          42            23      5             4
DES          71            31     58            26
GLA          24            16     35            24
HAR    5     61            32     16            15
HEN          42            25     25            18
HER          40     11     31      8             7
HIG                               38            23
HIL          39            23     10             8
LAK          38     16     24     20            11
LEE          40            26     21            16
MON          48            24     13            11
MTE   45     12            27      6             5
OKE          43            21
ORA          53            24     23            14
OSC          37      5     21     18            15
PAL          34            22     30            19
PAS                                4             4
SAR    2     54            29
SUM          42            20     17            14

TOT   52    897     32    522    431      1    285

Average 141 QSOs/Hour (with breaks!)

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