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[3830] SS CW W4NF SO Unlimited HP

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Subject: [3830] SS CW W4NF SO Unlimited HP
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Date: Mon, 7 Nov 2005 05:16:38 -0800
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                    ARRL Sweepstakes Contest, CW

Call: W4NF
Operator(s): W4NF
Station: W4NF

Class: SO Unlimited HP
Operating Time (hrs): 15

 Band  QSOs
   80:  223
   40:  166
   20:  204
   15:   77
   10:    7
Total:  677  Sections = 80  Total Score = 108,320

Club: Potomac Valley Radio Club


I was trying to break the 1000 Q barrier that I had come real close to in the
past (missed by 4 Qs several years ago).  I put up a new 80 dipole tuned for CW
so there was no compromise with the SWR and amp.  The station was playing

The contest started and I was maintaing a fairly consistent 50 Q per hour rate. 
That lasted for 9 hours.  Then at about 1AM in the middle of a good run on 80
meters the Alpha 99 just shut down, not faulted, but completely shut down.  I
took my first 30 minute time out and tried to figure out what happened.

I went to the breaker box and the amp had tripped the breaker and the amp had
blow one of the 240V line in fuses.  I reset the breaker and replaced the blown
fuse and tried to turn the amp back on.  It came back on and then immediately
shut back down.  This time the ON/OFF switch went also and now will not click
and hold in either the ON or OFF position.

Well, I had lent my other Alpha 374A amp to my brother Bill W4RM for CQWW and it
was being used by him Multiop effort during SS CW.  So I tried to run without
the amp with little luck.  The 700' of hardline to the tower and other antennas
makes it difficult to get 100 watts to the antennas.  I really felt out of synch
at this time so went to bed at 2AM and slept until 6AM when I got up to go to
church.  After church I went over to W4RM's house and picked up my extra amp as
it was not really needed as he had another full station to occupy the second

I got back on about 10AM and made a go of it for another 6 hours.  Stopping
early gave me a chance to visit with my son who had come home for the weekend
from VA Tech, so I think my time was better spent that way anyways.  Also my
wife and I had a nice glass of wine while sitting on the deck enjoying the
beautiful Fall colors and unseasonably warm weather.

As they say, "Wait 'till next year".  I will be putting in a full time effort
for SS Phone from W4RM's station and try to extend my string of Top Ten
Unlimited finishes to 6.  See you all in a couple of weeks.  Now it's time to
pack up the Alpha 99 for its trip back to Colorado.  Thanks for the Qs and 73,
Jack W4NF

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