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Subject: [3830] CQWW SSB G3WW(@G4EHT) SOSB/40 LP
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Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2007 02:52:14 -0700
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                    CQ Worldwide DX Contest, SSB

Call: G3WW
Operator(s): G3WW
Station: G4EHT

Class: SOSB/40 LP
QTH: IO92cq
Operating Time (hrs): 

 Band  QSOs  Zones  Countries
   40:  230    11       58
Total:  230    11       58  Total Score = 19,458



My father, Bill, (G4EHT) put a 1/4 wave wire for 40M up last week and invited me
to test his 'fishing pole' antenna. And when the XYL said go and play radio, you
never question her judgement.

Phone isn't my cup of tea generally, so I viewed it as a chance to casually
work a few entities on SSB.

Conditions seemed average - but better than I expected, as on the Friday I
thought it could be an unmitigated disaster working 40M phone low power.
Besides, I haven't got a 2.0 kHz narrow SSB filter in the transceiver!

Fortunately I surpassed my expectations and Searched & Pounced to 58 countries
from 11 zones. I heard more though, VK7GK (Z30) was booming at Saturday
breakfast but couldn't crack his pile. ZS9X (Z38) was borderline both evenings
but unruly rabble so never bothered. V47KP (Z08) was good each night but always
a big pile-up. HC2AQ (Z10) was consistently strong and largely in the clear just
below 7200 kHz but I figured he had high QRN/QRM. ZY7C (Z11) could not hear me
either. Only North American beyond the east coast was W9RE who was genuinely
strong but couldn't hear my puny 100W. On CW it would have been a VERY
different story with most of the above!

Whilst not generally considered DX, Guernsey and Shetland were unexpected
bonuses. Thanks Colin, FAL.

Murphy visited twice; Dad showed me the his heath-robinson feed arrangement and
the feeder went open circuit when we returned to the shack. Later, I somehow
managed to over-write a previous QSO. I knew it was a Mult as the country total
had decreased by 1. By a process of elimination - manually recalling which
countries I thought I'd worked I found 9Y4W had been overwritten. And yes, I
hadn't turned the automatic backup feature on! Lesson learned.

Roll on next month for THE contest mode!



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