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Subject: [3830] CQWW SSB KR1ST SOAB QRP
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Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2007 16:53:31 -0700
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                    CQ Worldwide DX Contest, SSB

Call: KR1ST
Operator(s): KR1ST
Station: KR1ST

QTH: Ladson, SC
Operating Time (hrs): 8.7

 Band  QSOs  Zones  Countries
  160:   1      1        1
   80:   5      3        5
   40:   3      1        3
   20:  41     10       25
   15:  34     13       23
   10:  15      7       13
Total:  99     35       70  Total Score = 24,255

Club: The Three Musketeers (Me, Myself and I)


Rig: IC-756ProIII
Pwr: 5 Watts
Ant: - three remotely switched 20m doublets in a triangle configuration
       @ 30ft for 20m and up
     - 40m vertical doublet for 40m and up
     - 40m horizontal doublet @ 30 feet
     - 80m inverted V, apex at 55ft
     - 160m inverted L with 28 radials

It certainly is challenging trying a contest at QRP levels. But for many of us,
it's a necessity. I have to deal with quite a bit of RFI/TVI problems when I run
more than just a few Watts, but I rather get on the air with these few Watts,
than stay off the air because I can't run the full gallon. Instead, I
concentrate on building the best antennas my backyard allows for. 

I put in only a very limited effort. I decided that the weather Saturday
afternoon was just too nice to sit inside yelling in the mic while I could
implement the changes on my VHF/UHF antenna system I had planned. So I only
worked a few hours on Saturday morning and thought I'd hang it up for this
contest. But Sunday afternoon I decided to do a little sprint to see what I
could work, hoping that everyone had worked everyone so that I didn't had to
deal with big pile ups. That surely paid off. My score is certainly not
stellar, but I'm satisfied with it, considering the effort I put in it.

I had one interesting Q with station....let's call him Double-Dog. For some
reason I still needed zone 3. Double-Dog in zone 3 had a loud signal, so I
figured he could hear me. Well he did, and he got only 1 letter wrong on the
first round. So I tried to correct it and he asked if I was a US station. I
said, yes I am, but I need your zone. "I'll pass on you then, he answered". He
then proceeded to work a different station outside the US who was already in
his log, and he had several "productive" exchanges with that station trying to
convince him that he really was in the log. The fact that Double-Dog was not in
the other station's log was not apparent to Double-Dog, and he could have just
worked him again instead of exchanging date and time info and what not, as
dupes are not penalized. Anyway, I changed antennas to have more gain in his
direction and called him again. He comes right back at me, hearing me just fine
apparently. So I repeat my call with my zone and that I just need his zone.
Sounding annoyed, he tells me that he can't hear me because I'm too weak and
that I will need to get zone 3 from someone else! So I can have a QSO with him,
he knows what I need, but I'm too weak for a zone exchange. Sure, bud! Indeed, I
think Double-Dog is full of bark and probably needs to be taken out for a walk,
and maybe a puppy class in sportsmanship (and on working dupes perhaps, too).

I'm glad that the Double-Dogs are in the minority in these contests. I really
appreciate the time folks took to dig my signal out of the mud.
Hopefully next time we'll have a few sunspots to play with.

--Alex KR1ST

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