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Subject: [3830] CQWW CW EA9/OL8R(OK1FCJ) SOAB LP
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Date: Mon, 30 Nov 2009 02:12:35 -0800
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                    CQ Worldwide DX Contest, CW

Call: EA9/OL8R
Operator(s): OK1FCJ
Station: EA9/OL8R

Class: SOAB LP
QTH: Ceuta
Operating Time (hrs): 

 Band  QSOs  Zones  Countries
  160:  430    10       51
   80:  770    17       76
   40: 1111    22       82
   20:  970    21       70
   15:  245    12       43
   10:   16     6       11
Total: 3542    88      333  Total Score = 4,436,498

Club: Bavarian Contest Club


I arrived to Ceuta on Wednesday evening after whole day travel from Prague to  
Paris and further to Malaga. Prague airport checking lady asked to pay extra
luggage 17kg a 15 EURO/kg. Kind of bad kicks off of for travel, next time  
better to take business class and have higher allowance. Well my total luggage 

including hand bag was 50kg, where personal belongings were not much than  
2kg only!
        After successful landing in Malaga I collected luggage and went to 
direct bus
to Marbella and next one to Algeciras. Algeciras bus station  is just approx
1km from port (Puerto). Followed was ferry to Ceuta just 45 minutes and I
arrived to Africa. I took taxi to booked resort where I  was 3 years ago. 
        On Thursday I started to setup antennas 20/15/10 was vertical from  
Sp7GXP. It also covers 40m but I used another antenna. Vertical was quickly  
assembled. On low bands I build verticals on 18m fibre pole from Con
DF4SA/Spiderbeam, where I had wire for each band 160/80/40. To that I used 32
radials 12-15m long. At the bottom of vertical I added tuner by SGC (loan of
OK1TN - thanks!). I tuned each antenna first  without tuner to lowest SWR on
desired QRG and additional tuning did tuner.
        Radio was for the first time TS480 - 100W version (loan of OM2TW -  
thanks). It replaced my FT857 I used before. Rest was wiring to nbook through 

RS232, paddle and ready to go... well not exactly. I encountered major  
problems with nbook where I accidentally removed it from office domain and  
lost all setting, further more after 2 power blackout I lost communication  
between PC and radio. To make story short I had to purchase another 2  
usb/rs232 adapter to start it running again.
        I focused mainly on contest and before contest running as Ea9/ok1fcj  
were just test if it runs on each band. Friday I rest mostly and repaired  
antennas when it was needed. I has small problem also with tuner, where my  
probably too long wires made some RFI to unit which detuned often. Once I  
shorten them it run smoothly. 
        First hour of contest my small pistol station could not find place to  
transmit, big guns where always close to me :(. First 1000 QSO I had at  
09:40, second 2000 was at 22:00. At 00:30 after more than 24 hours by radio I 

just decided to take 5 hours nap. Once wake up, breakfast and shower I run  
radio again. 3000 QSO I reach at 17:20. 
        My total score is over 1 mil points more than result I got 3 years  
ago making 500 QSO more. My dissatisfaction was 10m band where I heard mostly 

just neraby stations I, ZB2 and some africans mults. 15m was similar story,  
although I reached 245 QSO in 2006 it was over 500. All other bands I  
improved significantly. 
        On 80 and especially on 160 I felt like small bee where all guns  
tried to kill me on first shot whenever I suppose someone gave me call to  
cluster. I could not resolve call signs in big pileups and rates slowed  
significantly. Sometimes stations just don't listen only push key with their  
        I hope I brought EA9 to some missing hams on 80/160. My thanks goes  
also to Jorge EA9LZ who helps me always there and Enrique EA9GW for shopping  
on USB/RS232 adapters on Ceuta.

73 Petr

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