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Date: Mon, 1 Mar 2010 15:15:55 -0800
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                    Mississippi QSO Party

Call: NO5W
Operator(s): NO5W
Station: NO5W

Class: Mobile LP
Operating Time (hrs): 8

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs
   40:  209      
   20:  229      
   15:   18      
Total:  456     0  Mults = 52  Total Score = 23,712

Club: Northwest ARS - Houston


K3, Hi-Q 4/80, CQ/X ver

Driving over to our Southeast Louisiana jumping off point from Houston in the
pouring rain Friday before the MSQP the thought occurred to me that this was
typical weather for the MSQP. Watching the weather channel on Friday night my
driver suggested that we might avoid the worst of the weather Saturday by
driving the route backwards since it looked like the weather was moving south
into the Gulf. So I even went so far as to create county line crossing files
for the reversed route. Fortunately, however, Saturday morning brought an
overcast, but rain-free, sky so we set out on the original route covering the
Gulf coast counties first. In fact by mid-afternoon, when we reached Franklin,
Jefferson, Adams, and Wilkinson the weather conditions were cold but otherwise
very good. 

Radio conditions were poor Saturday morning with signals just above the noise
level and in Jackson county, which easily took the prize for worst power line
noise, it was possible to hear only the very strongest stations over the QRN.
Apologies to all that called during the morning and were not able to get in the
log. Fortunately by noon conditions had improved and we were able to get some
decent rates going.
The following counties were activated with indicated number of QSOs:
Franklin(72), Amite(56), Pike(42), Lincoln(34), Jefferson(31), Adams(29),
Marion(27), Jackson(25), Wilkinson(24), Harrison(23), Walthall(21),
Lamar(18), Forrest(17), Hancock(11), Perry(11), Stone(10), and PearlRiver(5)
The initial ten minute hourly rate in these counties was :
Lincoln(156), Jefferson(138), Pike(120), Wilkinson(108), Marion(108),
Franklin(108), Amite(102), Adams(102), Walthall(96), George(78), Jackson(78),
Lamar(72), Hancock(66), Perry(66), Harrison(66), Stone(48), Forrest(36), and
Thanks to the following stations for contributing more than half the QSOs 
N6MU(20), AD5WI(16), W4UCZ(16), N5NA(14), DL5AWI(14), WA2VYA(14), AB7RW(13),
K0PC(12), K4YT(12), W5ESE(11), KC3X(11), WA7JHQ(11), K4AMC(11), K9EN(10),
NT5O(9), W0QE(8), W7GKF/6(8), VA3XOV(7), W6RLL(7), N2JJ(7), KS5A(6), KO1U(6).
Dupes have not been removed in the indicated numbers of Qs in this list.

The money bands were equally divided between 20m and 40m as usual. It was good
to be able to log 18 Qs on 15m which we went to regularly and spent a good bit
of time calling CQ especially in several long counties. Several times we
received reports that we were loud on the west coast. Unfortunately not many
stations were listening. Hopefully that will change as 15m continues to open

In summary we covered all of the announced counties and included an additional
one (Perry) not in the original plan. And we had a fun time although our totals
were down considerably from the last time we ran the MSQP in 2008. Thanks to all
who followed us around. We hope to see you and many others in the Oklahoma QSO
Party later this month in which W5ZL, KU5B and I will make our annual trek
north of the Red River.


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