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[3830] MnQP K0PC Mobile Single Xmtr LP

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Subject: [3830] MnQP K0PC Mobile Single Xmtr LP
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Date: Tue, 7 Feb 2012 06:52:58 -0800
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                    Minnesota QSO Party

Call: K0PC
Operator(s): K0PC
Station: K0PC

Class: Mobile Single Xmtr LP
Operating Time (hrs): 10

 Band  CW-RTTY Qs  Ph Qs
  160:       0       0
   80:      23       0
   40:     904       0
   20:     277       0
   15:       1       0
   10:       1       0
Total:    1206       0  Mults = 70  Total Score = 168,840

Club: Minnesota Wireless Association


This was MNQP number nine for the team of K0PC & W9DND. Once again it
was great fun for me operating but I truly don't understand why John
comes back year after year to drive. I appreciate him but I don't 
understand him.

The last few years we have avoided visits by Murphy. This year we
didn't need him, all the problems were self inflicted. To start, I
left home a half hour later than I should have. After all the planning
that goes into this event, I had a brain drain and thought I should
be leaving at 6:00 AM instead of 5:30. We made it to the start in time
but the rush caused me to fumble with antenna installation and tuning
that is normally easy. Had only one QSO in the first 12 minutes as a

The other problem was a shifting VFO. I didn't know why but without
warning the VFO would move 500 Hz or so in the middle of a run. I 
didn't always notice it right away so I'm sure I left a lot of people
behind in the pileup. Using the VFO Lock didn't help. On Sunday, when
I was cleaning out the car, I realized that the hand microphone was
plugged in and was jammed down in the center console. The up/down 
buttons on the mic must have been pressed on occasion by the jostling.
The VFO lock doesn't affect the up/down from the mic. Lesson learned,
leave the microphone at home.

Thanks to the 224 unique stations that called in over the contest. A 
great turnout! Special thanks to all the repeat offenders who make the
contest fun. Among those there are three who deserve special attention.
Paul WB2ABD was my first QSO and came back for 33 more.
Jules N2WN had the second highest QSO count (27) and ran QRP.
Bob W0BH made the most of our 26 QSOs by working us in every county (24).

Here are the other top hitters from MNQP 2012: K1ZZI 27, K2KW 25, N2CU 25,
N9AUG 23, W0EAR 23, KB9S 21, N4VV 20, K4AMC 19, VE3KZ 19, AF9T 18, 
K0HNC 18, K0RC 18, K0TG 18.

Thanks to everyone who called in. I hope you were able to make use of
the tools on the MNQP web site (http://www.w0aa.org/mnqp). Let me know
how they can be improved.

Next up is WIQP on March 11th. I hope to see you there.

73, Pat K0PC

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