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Subject: [3830] ARRLDX SSB W4RM M/2 HP
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Date: Mon, 5 Mar 2012 03:07:55 -0800
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                    ARRL DX Contest, SSB

Call: W4RM
Operator(s): W4RM,W4NF,W7IY,K5OF,K4UVA,N3AHA,K4RG
Station: W4RM

Class: M/2 HP
Operating Time (hrs): 48

 Band  QSOs  Mults
  160:   50    32
   80:  239    71
   40:  578    94
   20: 1086   113
   15: 1100   110
   10:  222   493
Total: 3275   493  Total Score = 4,747,590

Club: Potomac Valley Radio Club


Once again the W4RM team of SSB ops were out in full force.  But the bands
conditions in this years contest were down quite a bit from last year.  A
combination of lower SFI high A and K and storms comming through the east coast
of US on Friday night caused a big drop in score on 40-160M.  When the storms
passed the SFI was still much lower than last year which kept the high rates on
20M and 15M down a bit. We did have nice some very nice 20M rates later in the
day. Saturday night produced better conditons on the low bands and score
bounced back a bit but still lower than the last year.

Sunday the High band took a while to get going in the morning and 10M finally
provided a little EU late in the morning.

Overall our QSOs were down by about 1000 and score down by 2M.  But the team
had a great time and took what the bands provided us.  It was a great team
effort to stay up with all the multiplier as they appeared and we kept the
radios manned for the full 48 hours.

It's time for the W4RM team to take a brake for the summer fix some station
Hardward issues, add a few new capabilities and be ready of CQWW next Oct.

See you on the bands!

73 Bill W4RM

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