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[3830] ARRLDX SSB OG6N(OH6NIO) SO Unlimited HP

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Subject: [3830] ARRLDX SSB OG6N(OH6NIO) SO Unlimited HP
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Date: Wed, 6 Mar 2013 04:14:52 -0800
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                    ARRL DX Contest, SSB

Call: OG6N
Operator(s): OH6NIO
Station: OG6N

Class: SO Unlimited HP
QTH: Mieto
Operating Time (hrs): 

 Band  QSOs  Mults
   80:    5     5
   40:   20    13
   20:  320    49
   15:  622    59
   10:   19    13
Total:  986   139  Total Score = 411,162



With A index skyrocketing during the contest weekend it was obvious that the
lower bands would be wiped out for us @62N. I even considered of participating
in 15m single band but after seeing the geomagnetic data I thought that it
would be a safer bet to choose all bands.

We did not enjoy the normal local evening openings over the pole on 20m or 15m.
The low bands were as terrible as I expected. I did not hear a single NA on 160m
and only one 80m QSO resulted on Saturday morning. Even 40m was almost closed.  
Later on Saturday 20m and 15m produced mediocre rates and the propagation died
soon after the sunset never to peak up again. 10m did not open at all on

Although the lower bands were still almost closed, the propagation improved a
bit on Sunday and the rates on 15m were a bit higher than on Saturday but were
still mediocre at best. 10m opened so-so but every QSO required a lot of work
and repeats. running on 10m was out of the question. The higher bands died one
hour later than on Saturday at 17Z but 20m peaked just during the last hour of
the contest producing the best 30 minutes of the contest.

When I look at some scores posted by our more southerly rivals I can just make
a painful note that we had a completely different contest going on. Its hard to
believe that this is the all that this cycle has to offer us. At least there was
plenty of time to take sauna and watch TV in the evenings.

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