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Subject: [3830] ARRLDX SSB CS2C(@CT1JLZ) M/S HP
From: webform@b4h.net
Reply-to: ok4pa@seznam.cz
Date: Fri, 04 Apr 2014 16:20:44 +0000
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                    ARRL DX Contest, SSB

Call: CS2C
Operator(s): OK1RF OK4PA
Station: CT1JLZ

Class: M/S HP
QTH: Porto Covo
Operating Time (hrs): 46:28

 Band  QSOs  Mults
  160:   41    18
   80:  311    50
   40:  579    57
   20: 1745    61
   15: 1634    61
   10: 2127    60
Total: 6437   307  Total Score = 5,922,030



Jiri, CS2C/OK1RF rang me up at the beginning of this year and invited  me to run
ARRL SSB from Portugal.The target was clear, mainly to help him a little bit to
fix antennas and after that participate in ARRL SSB.We didnt repair much of it
due to poor weather and trouble with my health not long after my arrival to CT.
Jiri pushed me to participate in SOAB, but I am glad that I resisted his
pressure. So we started again in MS category (one oldtimer, one greenhorn) In
sort of way a bit nonsense - one RIG, two operators only and not complete ANT
setup, on 40m only dipol again. After all, Im happy that Jiri didnt convince me
to start in SOAB. For me it was in sort of way school and motivation to the
future to see oldtimer Jiri, how he was trying hard despite his age 68. 
What can I say in the end, we didnt win in EU despite the fact it was an
achievable goal. We really enjoyed spending the whole week and the contest
together in harmony  and we had a lot of laugh. Conditions on higher bands were
excellent, 80 and mainly 160m flustrating.I would like to thank very much to all
stations which gave us a call. I would like to also thank to those stations
which we captivated by our operation and  which supported us with spot.

What next if the health  let us to continue? Prepare station CT1JLZ for
top-ranking MS run, or hit the road somewhere into Caribbean area �" the
same team and with even more limited equipment. We both like that idea , so see
you soon ... maybe under some exotic callsign ...
(Jiri�'s opinion: Contesting has to be fun in the first place, to attend and to
win isn't mandatory...)

on behalf of CS2C
Pavel OK4PA

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