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Subject: [3830] WPX SSB W1WBB SO(A)SB10(TS) LP
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Date: Tue, 08 Apr 2014 01:06:00 +0000
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                    CQWW WPX Contest, SSB

Call: W1WBB
Operator(s): W1WBB
Station: W1WBB

Class: SO(A)SB10(TS) LP
Operating Time (hrs): ~24

 Band  QSOs
   10:  694
Total:  694  Prefixes = 551  Total Score = 1,076,654

Club: CT RI Contest Group


Epic conditions for 10m on this contest weekend -- arguably the very best of
this solar cycle.  With daytime hours available, I pursued new mults as much as
possible via S&P.  Fewer than 15% QSOs made 'running' - other than a nice
run of mostly Eu (55 QSOs) Sunday I couldn't generate much interest with the W1
pfx using 100w to the Hexbeam.  Was great to be called by VU2, TO7 (Mayotte) and
lots of other new pfx's though.

The big solar flare that struck Sat. afternoon local time created significant
S7 level QRN for about 1 hr and degraded all sigs - only big guns being heard
so took a break.  Very heavy rains here Sun. put water in basement so lost
add'l time with clean-up.

Eu opened a bit earlier and stronger Sunday with Russia/Ukraine stns worked
while nothing was heard from there Day 1.  Frustrating to hear some
U.K./EI-area mults go unworked as they were CQ'n away barely audible but in the
noise just short of my skip zone.  Was amazing how late and how loud Eu came in
both days allowing for many more mults/Qs.

A few JAs were worked Friday eve, none were heard Sat., but the Sunday Asia
opening was incredible.  Close to 40 JAs and 1 BY worked (many 1st call!) to
close things out on a high note.  In addition many SA pfxs available both days
and nice to work them so easily this weekend as big hills just south of me
normally make that more difficult.

I guess this is as good as it gets on 10m in a contest!

Thanks to all for the Q's & mults and the sponsors for a great event.

Icom 706MKIIG @ 100 watts;  Broadband Hexbeam up @ 32'; Heil Proset headset mic
& footswitch; N1MM logger.  All QSOs uploaded to LoTW.

73,  Bill  W1WBB

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