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From: Michael Dinkelman <mwdink@clearwire.net>
Date: Fri, 11 Apr 2014 14:31:33 -0700
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Commonwealth Soapbox
built 4-11-2014

Call: G3SXW             Class: Open-24 QRP              Total Score = 3,935
Tnx for struggling with my QRP. Great condx!

Call: G3Y               Class: Open-24 HP               Total Score = 4,805
Bit of a disaster this year! Unexpected visitors arrived late Saturday
morning losing me 2 hours. Then the fibreglass pole holding up the 80m
inv L snapped on two occasions  which meant the Tennamast carrying the
HF beam and the 40m vertical both had to be dropped / luffed over twice costing
4 hours on Sat afternoon! Oh and the XYL was away so had to walk the dog Sat
afternoon as well. So only managed 12.8 hours overall. Found LF condx poor this
year overnight compared with last year but 10m was great.

Call: G3YJQ             Class: Open-24 HP               Total Score = 1,415
Just great, lots of fun, First time at this contest.
73 Fred G3YJQ

Call: G4PIQ             Class: Open-12 HP               Total Score = 6,100
A very enjoyable weekend, operating from home, with just dipoles and 1 radio.

I've had a particuarly difficult past few weeks at work which has meant that no
preparation had been done, and the much of the antenna was still lying in trees
/ bushes after the recent storms. I spent the start of morning and the first
hour of the contest getting the nest of 20/40/80m dipoles back up in the tree
and resonant. I operated for an hour from 11-12 and then took some off-time and
spent it trying to raise a build a separate nest of dipoles for 40/20/10 on a
50ft pole mast for the second radio. It was pretty windy, and even after two
attempts, at the end of the two hours all I had to show for my efforts was an
awful lot of wire and string knotted up in the budding trees and bushes. I
decided to dump the idea and push on with just a single radio which was
frustrating, but OK! The main antenna doesn't work well on 10 - I felt
particularly weak there - and obviously I often got beaten out in pileups on
all the HF bands from the folks with beams.

The bands seemed good - I think 10 was better than last year, but 15/20 perhaps
not quite as good since they closed a little earlier. 80 was quite noisy and I
had a hard time copying the VK and ZL guys who called - so many thanks to them
for their patience and endless repeats. I have a short Beverage which was not
working during the SP VK opening. I fixed that in one off period during the
evening - all I can say is that there is something with big sharp teeth that
runs up and down our ditches - the RG58 was sliced clean through like a knife
had done it!

I didn't get my off-time planning quite right, I didn't pay enough attention to
20m - getting suckered into too much time on 10m and too much time fruitlessly
looking for DX on 80m

BERU is a great contest - completely different to the mainstream. There may not
be much rate from the UK, but there is plenty to keep your mind active
throughout the event, and during the early morning I was bouncing between all 5
bands looking for stuff and moving people. By the end of the contest - one of
the tuning controls on the amplifier was slipping from over-use.

Special thanks to all the travellers for BERU - without them it would be a much
less interesting contest - but our thanks are also due to the residents who also
turn up every year for this endeering contest. Also I must say thank you to all
the stations that moved bands for me - it's always slightly clunky with just
one radio / manual PA - and with my antennas it doesn't always come off - but
thank you for trying.


Andy, G4PIQ

K3 + PA

Inv-V Dipoles for 80/40/20 @ 18m

Call: G6MC              Class: Multi-Op HP              Total Score = 7,985
Multiop Entry. Most enjoyable with activity from
many Commonwealth countries. 80m was noisey with little dx audible.
Star of show was 10m with VK/ZL worked in the early hours.
One or two linear amp issues but managed to work around them.
Found 15m Antenna 90 deg out of alignment in morning hense some
wierd directions needed to peak signals :-)
Odd after working spots in our bandmap how many so call Unassisted
stations descended like a howling pack. SDR tech is needed to weed this out.
Or rule changes.
Must learn next time to move more stations around.
Thanks to all involved in pubicity and adjudicating such a unique contest.

Call: M5Z               Class: Restricted-12 LP         Total Score = 620
First time entry in this contest. As everyone mentioned before, it was very slow

K3/100, 5 meter wire with ATU on balcony, logging on Win-Test.

73 Kazu

Call: VA3DX             Class: Multi-Op HP              Total Score = 4,000
No idea on score

will let the sponsors calculate my Cabrillo file

Call: VA3RKM            Class: Restricted-12 QRP        Total Score = 1,980
KX3, 5w, verticals and 80m dipole. Conditions were very good for QRP this year.
Worked G4BUO on all 5 bands, and also Malta, Gibraltar and Cyprus. Couldn't get
any Africans this year.

Call: VA7ST             Class: Open-12 HP               Total Score = 3,620
Just 7.5 hours in this one, spread out over the whole event. Down from last
year, but second-best ever for me.

20M was a disappointment. Other bands seemed pretty good.

-- Bud VA7ST

Year       Qs   Points
March-14  273   3,620  HP  7.5 hrs
March-13  385   4,505  HP 11.5 hrs
March-12   80   1,235  HP  5.5 hrs
March-11  168   2,600  HP  8.0 hrs
March-10  186   2,525  HP  5.5 hrs
March-09  149   2,125  HP
March-08  117   1,545  HP
March-07  190   1,850  HP
March-06   99   1,095  LP
March-05   74     908  LP
March-04   23     580  LP

Call: VE1RGB            Class: Restricted-24 LP         Total Score = 6,345
Great conditions.  Blew away any of my previous scores.

Call: VE3DZ             Class: Open-12 HP               Total Score = 4,125
I wish I could stay longer. Conditions were great!

Call: VE3JAQ            Class: Restricted-12 LP         Total Score = 1,680
Only a few hours available to operate.  100W into Dipole
Yaesu FTdx 1200 to Alpha Delta DXEE ( painful ).  Had to tear down station sue
to yard construction.  Plan to put up a better antenna this year.
Fun contest and nice to work our Commonwealth brethern.  Biggest surprise being
called by 9S3AL

Call: VE3JM             Class: Open-24 HP               Total Score = 11,890
With the plaque that was sent to me for winning 12-hour Open category last year,
Peter VP8GQ/G3LET also sent a nice book with the history of the contest until

The book has a lot of familiar calls and also pictures of some contesters.
Seeing a picture of VK3MR took me back to my teenage years in Yugoslavia when
we could work Snow regularly in the evenings on 40 with a low dipole and 50

I felt that awarding a plaque for a 12-hour effort was a bit too much, so I
wanted to make a full-time effort this year.

Good conditions, a lot of rare countries, but there were also long periods with
very low activity.

Call: VE3KI             Class: Open-24 HP               Total Score = 7,450
K3+KPA500, ZS6BKW @ 10m

Call: VE3MGY            Class: Restricted-24 QRP        Total Score = 3,155
Up at 0830z to get everything setup for 1000z. Made for a long day but well
worth it in the end as it is a ( QRP ) Personal Best for me in this contest. A
special thanks to the family for putting up with LMR400 feeds running through
the house on the floor from the shack out to the field antennas after I had to
replace the ladderline to solve some local RFI issues that sprang up a few days
before the start and couldn't be resolved in time. Will have to properly install
the feeds when the ice and snow melt enough where they enter the house so I can
actually find them.

The first contest of 2014 where the we did NOT have poor condx from either a
CME, the Bz, a Flare, a GM storm or enhanced electron or proton flux levels.
Almost made it too easy - even with 5w.

K3 / IC7600 at 5w
N/S 80M doublet at 50'
E/W 160M Inverted V at 50'


Call: VE3OSZ            Class: Open-12 LP               Total Score = 2,165
Bonus QSOs

80M: 15
40M: 15
20M: 20
15M: 15
10M: 9

Casual entry this year.

Classified as 12 hour open because I used my Beverage antenna for receiving.

Call: VE3UTT            Class: Open-12 HP               Total Score = 6,530
Great conditions but 40m a bit noisy here.

K3 - Optibeam / Vertical

Call: VE4YU             Class: Open-12 LP               Total Score = 3,200
Always a fun exercise

Call: VE6WQ             Class: Open-12 LP               Total Score = 5,495
Great condx out here. Best I can remember in years. 15m was the workhorse band.
Had not planned to get on but turned on the radio early Saturday morning and
the bands were in great shape so stayed on the radio for the full 12 hr.
Equipment ICOM IC-7600 and 3 ele SteppIR

Call: VE7JH             Class: Multi-Op HP              Total Score = 8,575
With the great conditions on the high bands I easily surpassed last year's
I tried to put in a full 24 hour effort for Team Canada Polar BERUs but my old
bones just could not take the rigors of contesting. Time to stock up on Red
I entered as assisted and used the skimmer spots hoping to generate more action
during the slower times. I must say it made virtually no difference.

Guest operating from VE7UF's contest station on Vancouver Island I used a
network of computers for logging so if we QSY'd and you got an out-of-sequence
serial number from me I hope you copied what I sent. Rest assured every serial
number was given out only once, but mayheps not in the right order...

Great fun on the three high bands. The low bands were not too good to Europe
from VE7-land, but great activity Down Under, the 59 VK and 51 ZL QSOs in the
log are the proof.
382 UK contacts, 195 Canadian and 42 from the rest of the world.

I don't know if it was just better conditions, but it seems to me that activity
improved over last year, hopefully a great number of logs wil be sent in.

Gabor, VE7JH

Call: VE9AA             Class: Open-12 HP               Total Score = 1,920
Single Band 10m only effort *(yes, I know such a category does not exist)

My most memorable QSO this contest has to go to VK6LW @ roughly 8:30am local
time.  I was tuning for &quot;mults&quot; (notice the quote marks) and could
hear him working a string of G stns.  I rocked the beam down to the south as I
had been parked on the UK, but his signal went down !!!  What the?  Back and
forth I went and finally I realized that it was not long path, but some kind of
crazy skewed path up over EU.....So, I with a little persistence I put him in
the log. I'd be curious to know if KS Smith worked any other NA around this
time or any other VE's worked any VK/ZL etc. around this time on 10m.  I cannot
remember the last time I worked a VK6 in my morning time, especially as it was
not true greyline, nor was it true LP and much too early for SP.

C4Z was about 20/9 here, rolling through a wall of G's like they were bowling
pins.  Thanks for the call Brian.

I just operated a few minutes here and there, but when I came back late
afternoon, well after sunset in G, there were still some really loud UK boys
hammering in.  Worked a bunch off the back, as I was beaming VK/ZL by that

WEll done lads !

Mike VE9AA, IC7410 ~500w &amp; 5el @ 24'..Yamaha headgear a la CM500
p.s.-this contest would be a lot more entertaining if everyone could work
everyone and Commonwealth were &quot;mults&quot;....yes, I know, I
know....it'll never happen due to tradition.  Had a lot of EU and USA call me
when working G's...

Call: VK2PN             Class: Open-24 HP               Total Score = 5,650
Good conditions.  Later in the contest things slowed down.

Call: VK3MI             Class: Restricted-24 LP         Total Score = 3,680
Great conditions but I was unable to take full advantage of them due to my
Flex-3000 radio developing an intermittent transmit problem at the start of the
contest. After wasting several hours attempting to diagnose and solve the
problem, I decided to construct a CAT and keying interface so that I could
revert to using my old (but trustworthy) FT1000MP radio. I eventually managed
to get back on the air and start seriously participating in the contest from
around 20:00 UTC. I missed the Flex-3000 waterfall display but otherwise it was
fun playing with real knobs and switches again!

Radio: Yaesu FT1000MP MkV + WriteLog

Antennas: End fed long wire for all bands (maximum height 17m AGL) and 10M
dipole (6m AGL)

Thanks to everyone for the QSOs and your patience in copying my weak signals. I
also apologise to the callers that I could not copy due to the high level of man
made noise at my suburban QTH in Melbourne. And, as always, many thanks to the
contest committee for organising one of my favourite events on the
international HF contest calendar!

Call: VK3TDX            Class: Open-24 HP               Total Score = 5,780
Had to QRT at times because of so many non-Commonwealth stations calling causing
QRM.  Some nice runs but a lot of slow times.

Thanks to all who called and thanks to many very nice DXCC surprises.
73  Steve

Call: VO1RAC            Class: Open-24 HP               Total Score = 5,985

Call: VO2AAA            Class: Open-24 HP               Total Score = 9,985
80m - 28
40m - 53
20m - 80
15m - 53
10m - 40
Total 251

Thank you to Naz VO2NS and his wife Carolyn for hosting me in their home.
Thank you also to Naz and the Hams of Western Labrador (HOWL) for letting me
take over their club station, VO2WL for the second BERU in a row.

My score is up a bit from last year, and I came just short of 1,000 QSOs, and
just short of 10,000 points.

The contest was great fun.  Conditions were excellent.  I was most impressed
byu all the Long Path to ZL and VK.

Looking at some of the earlier reports from other Canadians, I seemed to have
missed a lot of action on 10m, and my 15m total looks a little weaker than it

For the first time ever, there were three VO2s on in the BERU: VO2RAC made a
few QSOs from his own station, abut 500m from me, and Chris VO2AC operating QRP
from Goose Bay, about 550km east of me.

I wish I had the gear with me to operate SO2R from VO2WL.  Perhaps in 2015.

Call: VO2AC             Class: Restricted-24 QRP        Total Score = 2,140
Back in Labrador for March Break again this year, but this time from a different
location.  In 2011 I was at the VO2WL station (thanks VO2NS!) in Labrador City
with a tower, TH7, 2-el 40m yagi, 80m sloper, and an amplifier.  This year I
was at my parent's place in Happy Valley - Goose Bay with a 20/40m dipole up
12ft and an FT-817 (5w).

For a while I thought I was going to miss the BERU this year, but Dave
VE3AAQ/VO1AU offered to loan me the mast and FT-817.  (Thanks Dave!)  Dave was
at VO2WL again this year as VO2AAA and put in another great score.  This was
probably the first time there were 3x VO2s on for the BERU (VO2AC, VO2AAA, and
VO2RAC)! :=)

Considering the setup, I was surprised by what I could hear on the high bands -
VKs and ZLs on 20m and 15m and a ZS on 10m, but not surprised that I didn't work
them.  I only worked one station outside of NA or EU - a 5B4 on 15m, and only
one G on 10m.  I QSY'd to other bands every time I was asked, but was only
successful with two of the requests.  I had an S8 line noise on 40m and 80m,
which was probably from the hydro lines running through the back yard, but I
didn't have time to investigate.  Quite surprisingly I was able to get a few
runs going, the longest being 6 QSOs in 6 minutes on 15m :=)

Here's a breakdown of some of my log:

80m  3 3 0  75  3
40m 39 18 3 555 10
20m 49 17 2 585  9
15m 62 22 2 750 10
10m  7 7 0 175  6
160 67 7 2140 38

Zero 5 band QSOs.  Three 4 band QSOs.  Fifteen 3 band QSOs.

HQ Stations: GB5CC, VE7RAC, VO1RAC

Total unique stations worked: 95

G:      73 QSOs with 46 unique stations
VE:     75 QSOs with 44 unique stations
Others: 12 QSOs with  5 unique stations

Still one of my favourite contests!  Thanks for all the QSOs and to all the DX
travelers who make this contest more interesting!


Chris VE3FU / VO2AC

Call: VU2CDP            Class: Open-12 HP               Total Score = 3,345
BERU is a fun contest though it doesn't feel that way when the rates are slow
and you have to ask for repeats from stns that are down in the mud. It is
always a grind from this part of the planet.

Bands were noisy but there were some great openings. At times it took more than
a few attempts to either get a call right or the exchange right. Can't say i got
all of them 100% correct but that's for the log checkers to tell me.

It was nice to work some of the BERU travelers who always exhibit great
operating skill and knowledge of propagation. Guys like G3LET (VY2GQ), G3TXF
seem to take propagation along with them no matter where they go!

Thank you to Nandu VU2NKS for allowing me access to his shack. And thanks to
everyone who called including those whom i worked on multiple bands.

Deepak VU2CDP

Call: ZF2XF             Class: Multi-Op HP              Total Score = 11,820
ZF2XF : Commonwealth Contest : 2014

G3TXF operated BERU 2014 as ZF2XF from the same location on Cayman (the
excellent ZF1A Club Station) as last year. The original plan was simply to try
to better last year’s score and to give out even more contacts from Cayman
during the 2014 Commonwealth Contest. The ZF1A Club Station has many excellent
antennas and making a high score in any HF contest from there is not difficult.

The Commonwealth Contest (BERU) runs on all five HF bands and in order to make
a good score you need to be active on all five bands. The quaint scoring system
used in BERU incentivises working different Commonwealth Call areas across all
the bands.

However this year’s entry from ZF2XF did not turn out quite as planned. There
was a problem with the 80m antenna which meant that (apart from a lucky handful
of 80m QSOs made right at the start of the contest), there was no operation on

The first half of the Commonwealth Contest was operated in traditional “BERU
Single Op” fashion with heavy CQing interspersed with trawling the bands for
those elusive Commonwealth Call Areas. Also there was the usual band hopping
with rarer Commonwealth Call areas.

The contest started off well with Win-Test telling me that I was significantly
ahead on my own QSO totals and score (in comparison with last year) during each
of the first four hours of the contest.

However as dusk approached (at around 22z) on the Saturday evening and it
became clear that there would be no more operation on 80m, the operating mode
changed from BERU Single Operator to BERU Single-Operator Assisted (which for
some reason within the RSGB Rules is strangely designated as Multi-Operator).

Connecting up the K3 to the laptop (which I don’t usually bother to do for
contesting) and through the laptop to the RBN completely changed the operating
style for BERU. With the RBN running I was able to see who else was on the
band, and also see when useful new Call Areas popped up. The logging software,
as ever, was Win-Test. Win-Test is very good at displaying the incoming RBN
information and it’s easy to click onto the wanted station.

For several years I have travelled with an Elecraft K3 and a small Tokyo
High-Power HL-550X amp. The latter has worked faultlessly on numerous trips,
but on this occasion the amplifier was the weak link in the RBN chain because
it did not switch bands automatically in step with the K3. [I can see that my
much travelled THP amp may soon be retiring, to be replaced by an Elecraft
KPA-500 which automatically hops from one band to the other together with the

Evidently the relevant Commonwealth Call areas data file in my Win-Test has not
been updated in a while since VR2 Hong Kong (which left the Commonwealth many
years ago) kept showing up as a potential Call Area. Meanwhile Nick G3RWF who
was valiantly operating as 9X0NH from one of the newest Commonwealth countries
did not show up as a Commonwealth Call Area at all. I must find out how to
up-date this file within Win-Test before next year’s Commonwealth Contest!

The new RBN-backed BERU operating style at ZF2XF was fun. As soon as a new Call
Area popped up on the screen an attempt was made to work it.

From Cayman there are three main directions of activity. North-East for the UK,
Asia and long-path to VK/ZL. North and North-West for the Canadians and South
West for VK/ZL on the short-path.

Fortunately there are several multi-band beam antennas available at the ZF1A
station. The largest one was usually left pointing towards the UK (where it
would also pick up the VEs on the Eastern edge of Canada) and another
multi-band beam was left pointing South-West. This was useful for picking up
both VK and ZL on 10m and 15m during the night-time openings.

Apologies to the several stations who called me on 40m around the UK sunrise
time saying, in effect, “oy, why aren’t you going to 80m now, OM?”…
“Sri, no ant fer 80m” was my lame reply. Sorry about that.

Operating in RBN-assisted mode enabled me to spend time calling stations who
were not operating in BERU but who were useful Call Areas bonuses nevertheless.
ZD8D, 9J2T and 5W1SA come to mind. Also several short ‘rag-chew’ QSOs were
had with VKs and ZLs whose CQing just happened to show up on the RBN, and who
were also in needed ‘bonus’ Call Areas.

Despite not having any major activity on 80m, the QSO total (1,213) was only
slightly down on last year’s 1,269. However thanks to RBN there was an
increase in the number of Bonus Points (for working those needed Call Areas).
The overall claimed score (11,800) is therefore slightly up on last year’s

Thanks for all the QSOs made from ZF2XF during the Commonwealth Contest, and
once again apologies that I couldn’t hop to 80m when you asked me to!

73 �&quot; Nigel G3TXF at ZF2XF

Call: ZL6HQ             Class: Multi-Op HP              Total Score = 6,055
The operators who kept ZL6HQ on the air for this contest over the past few years
had other things on this year, so it was my turn to operate as the NZART HQ

HF propagation conditions were probably the best since 2001, but there were
still many slow periods the during daylight hours, which for me were a good
times for a couple of naps.

Made most UK contacts ever, but 82 VE and 62 VK contacts were certainly much
fewer than years gone by. A break-down of the 190 unique UK calls worked
revealed some stats which may be of interest to some.
G3 etc includes GW GM etc)

G2 - 2
G3 �&quot; 85
G4 �&quot; 49
G0 - 22
G5/6/8 �&quot; 5
M1 �&quot; 1
M0 - 17
Other special calls �&quot; 9

Forgot to check my 80m antenna before the contest so was very disappointed to
discover it was o/c somewhere and so was unable to operate on that band.

What category was I? As HQ stations are listed separately in the results,
should there not be a separate HQ category? As it stands now HQ stations have
to choose a listed category that fits their operating set-up, eg. which seems a
little odd to me.

73, Frank ZL2BR/ZM2B

Call: ZM4G              Class: Multi-Op HP              Total Score = 6,000
Crackin condx for the final few hours: 40-10 open all at once, just 80m poor.
Lots of multipath sigs around, hard to tell which way to beam.

Index of Calls
Call: G0IBN             Class: Open-12 LP
Call: G3SXW             Class: Open-24 QRP
Call: G3Y               Class: Open-24 HP
Call: G3YJQ             Class: Open-24 HP
Call: G4PIQ             Class: Open-12 HP
Call: G6MC              Class: Multi-Op HP
Call: GI5I              Class: Open-12 LP
Call: M5Z               Class: Restricted-12 LP
Call: VA3DX             Class: Multi-Op HP
Call: VA3EC             Class: Restricted-12 LP
Call: VA3RKM            Class: Restricted-12 QRP
Call: VA7ST             Class: Open-12 HP
Call: VE1RGB            Class: Restricted-24 LP
Call: VE3CWU            Class: Multi-Op LP
Call: VE3CX             Class: Open-12 HP
Call: VE3DZ             Class: Open-12 HP
Call: VE3EJ             Class: Open-24 HP
Call: VE3IAE            Class: Restricted-12 LP
Call: VE3JAQ            Class: Restricted-12 LP
Call: VE3JM             Class: Open-24 HP
Call: VE3KI             Class: Open-24 HP
Call: VE3MGY            Class: Restricted-24 QRP
Call: VE3MM             Class: Open-12 HP
Call: VE3OI             Class: Open-24 HP
Call: VE3OSZ            Class: Open-12 LP
Call: VE3UTT            Class: Open-12 HP
Call: VE3XAT            Class: Multi-Op LP
Call: VE4YU             Class: Open-12 LP
Call: VE5UF             Class: Open-12 LP
Call: VE6WQ             Class: Open-12 LP
Call: VE7AX             Class: Open-12 HP
Call: VE7IO             Class: Multi-Op HP
Call: VE7JH             Class: Multi-Op HP
Call: VE9AA             Class: Open-12 HP
Call: VE9ML             Class: Multi-Op LP
Call: VK2PN             Class: Open-24 HP
Call: VK3MI             Class: Restricted-24 LP
Call: VK3TDX            Class: Open-24 HP
Call: VK4SN             Class: Open-24 HP
Call: VK6LW             Class: Open-24 HP
Call: VO1RAC            Class: Open-24 HP
Call: VO2AAA            Class: Open-24 HP
Call: VO2AC             Class: Restricted-24 QRP
Call: VU2CDP            Class: Open-12 HP
Call: ZF2XF             Class: Multi-Op HP
Call: ZL6HQ             Class: Multi-Op HP
Call: ZM4G              Class: Multi-Op HP

Index of Calls organized by Class

Class: Multi-Op HP
         Call: G6MC
         Call: VA3DX
         Call: VE7IO
         Call: VE7JH
         Call: ZF2XF
         Call: ZL6HQ
         Call: ZM4G

Class: Multi-Op LP
         Call: VE3CWU
         Call: VE3XAT
         Call: VE9ML

Class: Open-12 HP
         Call: G4PIQ
         Call: VA7ST
         Call: VE3CX
         Call: VE3DZ
         Call: VE3MM
         Call: VE3UTT
         Call: VE7AX
         Call: VE9AA
         Call: VU2CDP

Class: Open-12 LP
         Call: G0IBN
         Call: GI5I
         Call: VE3OSZ
         Call: VE4YU
         Call: VE5UF
         Call: VE6WQ

Class: Open-24 HP
         Call: G3Y
         Call: G3YJQ
         Call: VE3EJ
         Call: VE3JM
         Call: VE3KI
         Call: VE3OI
         Call: VK2PN
         Call: VK3TDX
         Call: VK4SN
         Call: VK6LW
         Call: VO1RAC
         Call: VO2AAA

Class: Open-24 QRP
         Call: G3SXW

Class: Restricted-12 LP
         Call: M5Z
         Call: VA3EC
         Call: VE3IAE
         Call: VE3JAQ

Class: Restricted-12 QRP
         Call: VA3RKM

Class: Restricted-24 LP
         Call: VE1RGB
         Call: VK3MI

Class: Restricted-24 QRP
         Call: VE3MGY
         Call: VO2AC
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