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Subject: [3830] JIDX CW JA1BPA(@JG1ZUY) SOSB/10 HP
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Date: Mon, 14 Apr 2014 01:32:28 +0000
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                    JIDX CW Contest

Call: JA1BPA
Operator(s): JA1BPA
Station: JG1ZUY

Class: SOSB/10 HP
QTH: 12 (Chiba)
Operating Time (hrs): 23

 Band  QSOs  Mults
   40:    1      
   20:   62      
   15:   32      
   10:  358      
Total:  358   100  Total Score = 71,600

Club: University of Tokyo Contest Club


After a having achieved a JA record on 10mb (767 Qs), this was 
certainly not a year for JAs living in Eastern Japan.  

The SSN and SFI were similar to last year, but K index was at 5(!)
at the beginning and stayed at 3 until the end, which made a huge 
impact for us in JA1, JA7 and JA8 land in relatively higher latitude.  
but relatively smaller impact for stations in JA6 land, particularly 
for those on the southern islands of Okinawa (JS6).

The first hours were terrible with European paths skewed to the south 
and only Southern Europeans heard.  There was a short opening for 
Northern Europe via scatter from the Indian Ocean around 11UTC, but 
that was the end of the first day (local time).

I had a good sleep over 6 hours and hoped that the geomagnetic storm 
would be over by the time I would wake up, which did not happen.
The local morning opening to North America was terrible with many
CQ Zone 3s, a few 4s and one 5.  I was happy to work PJ4 and YV 
from Zone 9, but missed Zone 8.  (These are among the most 
difficult zones in the Americas from JA).  I was disappointed 
to miss AL9A, but thankfully, he called me later at 0230UTC. 

The local afternoon made no improvement.  I was looking at the 
RBN and JAs were only spotted from Russia until 07UTC, when 
JA6s started receiving spots from DL.  With local sunset (09UTC) 
approaching, more spots were coming from Western Europe for 
JA6s, JA4s and JA3s, but I seldom got spotted.  As DH8BQA 
mentions in his comments, it was as if there were a glass 
wall to block the radio wave between the West and the East 
of Japan somewhere in between.  I managed to work PI4DX, 
PA0O and F4GWY, but no Gs, ONs, HB9s or EAs.

Thank you to everyone who called me despite the Aurora barrier.  
My next operation from JG1ZUY will be IARU HF Championship either 
as 8N1HQ or as JG1ZUY.

de Icko, JA1BPA

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