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[3830] MoQP W0BH Multi-Op Fixed HP

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Subject: [3830] MoQP W0BH Multi-Op Fixed HP
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Date: Sat, 19 Apr 2014 03:17:27 +0000
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                    Missouri QSO Party

Call: W0BH
Operator(s): W0BH K0WHY
Station: W0BH

Class: Multi-Op Fixed HP
Operating Time (hrs): 8.8

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs
   80:    8      7
   40:   45     79
   20:   14      2
   15:    9      0
Total:   76     88  Mults = 74  Total Score = 17,860



Sorry for the very late post .. it's also hard to remember details, but I do
remember I had fun!

First, congratulation to Randy/N0LD and the BEARS for reorganizing and fielding
an excellent group of ops and all 115 counties .. success no matter how you
score it.  It felt strange not to participate as an in-state mobile, but it
just didn't work out this year. We'll try again in 2014.

There were very interesting band conditions this year .. I even made some 15
meter contacts with the mobiles! I'm guessing my European friends wondered
about that because they were really booming in and certainly heard me :-)  I
managed to work 74/115 counties from Kansas with a big chunk of time off on
Saturday afternoon when things slowed down for me.  Amazing, and even more
amazing that at least one Sweep was claimed.

The four mobiles I worked most were K5YAA/18, AD0DX/8, KI0I/8, and AF5Q/6.
Jerry's Oklahoma Land Rush Mobile certainly blew smoke my direction .. the high
power really helped.  Ron and Mark sounded great and it was fun to work them
from this end for a change.  I enjoyed working Ron/af5q on SSB and he was
really loud when I found him.  Great job, guys!

Since I was just playing around, I spent quite a bit of time just listening to
the mobiles. Lorna sometimes called me when my dead band radio came alive since
she knows a number of the mobiles as well! I noticed how often ops asked for
repeats on the serial number (on both ends). I had to do the same for a number
of ESP contacts during the middle of the day. I was also working the MS and MT
QSO parties with the standard signal report/county exchange. The two different
exchanges were confusing and made logging more difficult. On top of that, some
stations were calling CQ MQP!

Very FB work by the 18 1x1 SHOW ME stations as well.  I worked 15 of them,
missing K0H, W0O, and N0W .. again, amazing from the next door state.  W0F was
also in there .. not on any list I had but apparently from MO. W0MA was always
easy to find.

Looking forward to seeing where the MOQP goes from here. In the meantime, be
sure to put the KSQP on your calendars for August 23-24, 2014. Again, thanks
for the fun!

73, Bob, w0bh

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