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[3830] MiQP DM5EE Single Op LP

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Subject: [3830] MiQP DM5EE Single Op LP
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Date: Sun, 20 Apr 2014 14:57:17 +0000
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                    Michigan QSO Party

Call: DM5EE
Operator(s): DM5EE
Station: DM5EE

Class: Single Op LP
Operating Time (hrs): 6

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs
   40:    1      0
   20:   44     18
Total:   45     18  CW Mults = 31  Ph Mults = 13  Total Score = 4,752

Club: Bavarian Contest Club


This year's MIQP was different. Aside from somewhat forseeable circumstances
(DF9LJ's station not available, family obligations on Saturday and Sunday) I
had to get rid of my gall bladder on Wednesday. Got home from the hospital on
Saturday morning, so a limited participation was possible but no full effort.

I did some rerouting of antenna cables before the contest which may have been
the cause for some keying issued experienced during MIQP. Sorry for the
occasional QSD as the internal keyer of the FT-1000MP kept acting up.

My plan was to go Low Power. Originally, I thought of tackling the DX Low Power
record, but with the recent surgery this wasn't going to happen. Still gave it a

The contest started slow and conditions seemed to be mediocre at best. I had S9
local noise on 15 and never heard anyone there or on 10. 20m yielded only four
QSOs in the first hour. I took a two hour break to participate in some
Easter-related event in our village and found signals to be much better after
19z. Over the next two hours, 34 QSOs came in the log, then things slowed down.
It was nice to have K8IR, W8UE, W8ZZ and K8MAD as mobiles for some fresh meat
every once in a while. Hank/N8M made it into the log QRP on both modes as well
as KT8K and W8CUB on CW.

Except for one QSO, everything happened on 20 for me. K8MAD was the only QSO on
40. I think that N8SS heard me too but the tremendous level of digital QRM
between 7041 and 7050kHz in EU did not allow for the completion of a QSO.

When K8IR could not copy me from BENZ county, I figured that 20 was closing. At
2:30am local (0030z) it was definitely time to QRT. 40m was still completely
trashed between 7041 and 7050. I heard N4PN, WO1N and K8JQ call MI stations on
40 but never could detect the other side in the digital mud. Maybe, the QRM
would have gotten better towards our sunrise but I could not check it out this

I ended up with 63 QSOs during six hours of operation and a score which came up
20% short of my original goal, the DX Low Power record.

Hope to see you again next year,

73! Uli, DM5EE

Equipment: FT-1000MP, Cushcraft X7 clone at 55ft with 30/40m add-on dipole.
N1MM without transceiver interface.

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