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Date: Thu, 01 May 2014 04:45:41 +0000
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                    Florida QSO Party

Call: NO5W
Operator(s): NO5W KN5O
Station: NO5W

Class: M/SCW LP
Operating Time (hrs): 19.75

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs
   40:   146     
   20:  2109     
   15:     1     
Total:  2256    0  CW Mults = 67  Ph Mults = 0  Total Score = 604,608

Club: Louisiana Contest Club


Equipment: K3/100, HiQ 4/80, Dell D610-XP-CQ/X (logging), Sony Vaio-Win7-CQ/X 
(navigation), 2002 Pathfinder

Ah, the last weekend of April and time again for the annual FQP where mobile
can go to test their skills against the biggest pileups found inside the CONUS.
Sowith new RainX blades in the wipers, new oil in the 145K mile crankcase, many
new gallons of regular of various prices (ouch!) waiting to be converted to
forward motion, a new operator position, a new common mode choke on the antenna
feedline, new guest op/driver, Ted-KN5O and I set out on the same old route
Dallas-K1DW and I used in 2013 to try our hand with the FQP pileups, to
determine where we fit in the spectrum between total lids and competent
operators, and most of all just to have some radio fun in one of the finest
state QSO parties existing.

When we entered the panhandle on the drive over Friday afternoon from KN5O's
QTH near Covington, LA, I remarked that on Sunday afternoon we would probably 
experience some good pileups on our return home through the western set of 
panhandle counties including Washington, Holmes, Walton, etc. Boy was that an 
understatement! Pileups all day Saturday and during most of the day on Sunday
were good but manageable. But the monster pileup in Holmes on Sunday afternoon
took us to the brink of chaos where discerning even a single letter from the
roaring din seemed impossible. It was not even possible to determine whether
the din tolled for us or for some other station several hundred Hz to the side
as there was very little relation between what I sent and the response of the
pile. As KN5O pulled out of the area where we had stopped to run Holmes and
headed on west to the next one, I was toast and feeling more than a little
defeated. However, on review of the log it looks like about 67 Qs were pulled
through the din so it was at least not a total washout. Apologies if you were
in the din but did not make it into our log.

For the most part Murphy stayed away from our adventure but there was that
instance in Duval around noon on Sunday when the D610 logging computer shut
totally down with no prior indication of a problem. Fortunately we were able to
get it going again and it behaved during the rest of the party. Saturday startup
was also a bit of a problem. Normally we prefer an earlier start than the 1600z
used in the FQP on Saturday but the late start turned out to be a good thing
since the Win7 machine we were using for the driver navigation insisted on
detecting the serial GPS as a mouse rendering the machine unuseable until we
could recall how to disable thatWin7 feature. 

It was somewhat disappointing that we missed Lake during the Saturday session
and Santa Rosa and Escambia on Sunday. There's always a tradeoff between
leaving QSOson the table in a county where you have a choice about how long to
stay and meeting the overall schedule. This time we erred on the side of
staying with a county until the pileup was essentially worked through -- Holmes
being a notable exception. That was particularly true in Lafayette and Gilchrist
on Saturday. On Sunday we spent an excessive amount of time in Columbia due to
the driver getting in line at a Subway behind a group of school kids who were
undecided about the ingredients they wanted on their sub -- we kept operating
during that lunch break but by that time Columbia had essentially been worked
out. Apologies if you were needing us in those missed 
counties for a sweep. Perhaps a review of the route is in order for next year.
But one thing for sure Sunday afternoon will find us headed back to Louisiana
through the western panhandle counties looking to test mettle against some
demanding pileups.

It was also disappointing that we could not get anything going on 15m or 10m 
although we tried several times and after multiple CQs checked the band and
heard no signals. So 20m was our primary band plus a small number of Qs on 40.
We've seen numerous scores with some 15m component but it just was not there
when we tried to get something going.

Here's some results on a county basis. Some dupes are included here and the
total operating minutes is shy by about 16 minutes due to the time spent
coaxing the D610 back to life in Duval.

County       Q-Total    Minutes          Average         Initial     First     

                       In County      Hourly Rate       10 Min Rate  In Log
Marion           117           50              140              180    W8WVU
Levy             112           55              122              180    N5NA 
Jefferson        101           44              138              180    N8VW
Franklin          95           60               95              198    W8WVU
Taylor            94           57               99              174    AC5K
Gilchrist         91           35              156              192    G3XVR
Citrus            87           50              104              174    W8WVU 
Calhoun           86           49              105              126    K8MFO
Jackson           84           37              136               96    VE3KZ
Wakulla           84           59               85              186    K0PC
Columbia          78           66               71              186    W8WVU
Dixie             70           32              131              210    W8WVU
Holmes            67           22              183              168    N4TZ
Gadsden           65           27              144              192    VE3DZ
Duval             61           21              174              198    W1TO
Alachua           61           27              136              192    W8WVU
Gulf              61           48               76              162    K2DFC
Walton            60           22              164              228    K5WA
Putnam            60           43               84              186    K9PG
Lafayette         59           29              122              204    VE3DZ
Madison           58           32              109              174    K3WW
Bradford          58           24              145              198    W8WVU
Union             56           31              108              180    W5MF
Suwannee          55           20              165               66    W8WVU
Nassau            52           18              173              144    W8WVU
Leon              46           17              162              216    N9CK
Liberty           46           15              184              204    W5MF
Sumter            45           16              169              180    K0FX
St.Johns          44           21              126              156    W8WVU
Flagler           43           16              161              192    KE5LQ
Baker             40           16              150              150    W4EE
Clay              36           14              154              144    KI0I
Hamilton          36           13              166              186    K9CT
Washington        35           12              175              132    W5MF
Volusia           34           24               85               60    K7SV
Okaloosa          19            5              228              114    W8WVU
Bay               18           17               64              102    K3WW
Averages          63           31              135              168 

The initial ten minute rate is the number of QSOs in the first ten minutes
after crossing into the county converted to an hourly basis and indicates that
on average we had a good pileup supporting a little less than 3 QSOs per minute
at the beginning of each county. 

W8WVU seemed to show up first in the log in about 30% of our counties -- always

there and always recognizable. Was he tracking us on APRS? Was anyone? Well we
do know from his report that K5WA was putting APRS to some good sleuthing use 
monitoring our cruise control while we pulled away from Holmes and headed west
on I-10 in the direction of Walton, his last one for the sweep. KN5O, who was
driving during that Holmes to Walton segment reports that Bob was on target,
perhaps a few miles per hour low, with his speed estimate. Hopefully the QRQ
police do not review APRS records but who knows in today's world. 

Here's some rate information (this data includes some dupes) in terms of peak
rates over periods of various lengths. Note that all of these peaks occurred on
Sunday afternoon.

Period          QSO/    Hourly           UTC (4/27)
Mins    QSOs    Min     QSOs    OP      Start   End     Counties
10      36      3.6     216     NO5W    20:09   20:19   LIB-CAH
20      64      3.2     192     NO5W    20:29   20:48   JAC
30      90      3.0     180     NO5W    19:54   20:23   LIB-CAH
60      170     2.8     170     NO5W    19:54   20:53   LIB-CAH-JAC-WAG
120     326     2.7     163     NO5W    19:25   21:25   

We were running behind as early as LEO and the thought occurred that we should
skip the detour off of I-10 required to pick up LIB, returning us through CAH
which we had already activated on Saturday at the start. That would have
eliminated only one county from the plan and would have probably put us back on
schedule allowing us to reach Santa Rosa and Escambia. But it's a good thing we
stayed with the plan, otherwise we would have missed some good rates. In
LIB-CAH-JAC and the beginning of WAG the callers were frequent and steady but
the pileups had not yet grown to the supernova size of the ones at the end of
WAG and during most of HOL where the rate meter rarely got above the 130

Here's a clock-hour view of the QSOs with noticeable puny results from 40m
although we tried in all but the shortest counties. We'd go to 40m make a half
dozen Qs and that would be it, back to good old 20m. 

Hour            40M     20M     15M     ALL     Accum.  OP
1600                    68              68      68      NO5W
1700                    97              97      165     NO5W
1800            5       71              76      241     NO5W
1900            3       83              86      327     NO5W/KN5O
2000                    122             122     449     KN5O
2100            12      90              102     551     KN5O
2200                    137             137     688     KN5O
2300            34      79              113     801     KN5O/NO5W
0000            14      88              102     903     NO5W
0100            68      80              148     1051    NO5W
1200            10      107             117     1168    KN5O
1300            1       104     1       106     1274    KN5O
1400                    136             136     1410    KN5O
1500                    117             117     1527    KN5O
1600                    113             113     1640    KN5O
1700                    74              74      1714    NO5W
1800            1       126             127     1841    NO5W
1900                    151             151     1992    NO5W
2000                    163             163     2155    NO5W
2100                    159             159     2314    NO5W

During all those Qs we managed to work 347 different calls. Thanks to all
callers but especially to the following top-twenty who stayed with us the
entire party:VE3DZ(41), K9CT(39), W8WVU(39), VE3KZ(37), K8IR(36), K9NW(36),
K7SV(36), K3WW(34), N9CK(32), K0HC(32), WA3HAE(32), WA8CDU(29), K9PG(29),
WI9WI(28), N5ZK(28), K5WA(27), K8MFO(26), N1CC(25), K9UIY(24), K8GT(24).

Many thanks to the FQP organizers for keeping the FQP running and making it one
of the best state QSO parties. And finally congratulations to W4AN (K4BAI &
KU8E) as well as K1XX (K1XX & W1MD) and N4GI (N4GI & WF3C) for putting
up some outstanding numbers in the Mobile/Multi-Single CW category. Prospects
are not looking good for a top three finish for NO5W in what is turning out to
be a very competitive category. Looks in fact like NO5W should lobby for a
Mobile-Multi-Single-Single-Band-20m-CW-Only category. Whaddya say Dan? At any
rate we need to tune up our 15m capability and come back in 2015 ready to add
some 15m to the mix.

KN5O remarked on the drive back to LA that, although he was not sure beforehand

what it would be like seeing as this was his first time at a state QSO party,
he was ready to spend some time in the FQP as part of the NO5W mobile again in
future years. That alone made our adventure a success as far as I was
concerned. I assured Ted that year after year FQP rises to the occasion with
fun-fun-fun and pileups-pileups-pileups that you won't experience without being
DX. Many thanks to Ted for coming along with me to the FQP, doing some excellent
driving and operating and also to Ted, Lorraine, and Connie for inviting me to
crash at their place on Sunday night. 

73 es OJ 


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