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Subject: [3830] FlQP NA8V SOABCW LP
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Date: Mon, 27 Apr 2015 17:46:44 +0000
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                    Florida QSO Party

Call: NA8V
Operator(s): NA8V
Station: NA8V

Operating Time (hrs): 17?

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs
   40:   48      
   20:  355      
   15:   72      
   10:    2      
Total:  477     0  CW Mults = 67  Ph Mults = 0  Total Score = 127,836

Club: Mad River Radio Club


This QP is addicting.  Thought I'd make a few Q's and then go do something else,
but i got hooked.  At the end of the day Saturday, i had 66 counties, missing
Holmes which i think was on at the beginning.  Of course i had to have them
all, so to accurately track the mobiles, i re-started early and followed them
all.  Finally, KN4Y made it to HOL and into my log at 1713z.  Of course, i
thought i'd make a few more contacts.........

As many have commented, 20 was great the whole period into FL.  15 was spotty,
mostly the lower 3rd of the state but once in a while i could work someone up
north - usually on scatter.  10 like 15 was too long for me, caught K4OJ for a
couple Q's late on Sunday.  On both 10 and 15 there were often west coast
stations working people i couldn't even tell were there.  It was amazing to
hear all the really loud DX stations calling in on 15 - usually much louder
than the FL stations - while beaming south.  40 was a bit noisy and signals
weren't very strong.

I also think that a couple of the mobiles were stretching the ID'ing a bit
thin.  I had my TR4w bandmap turned on, so i usually knew who was who but there
was some frequency shifting and frequency sharing so it was comforting to
actually hear a call sign.  

great time, thanks for all the contacts!


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