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[3830] FlQP W4AN/M(@KU8E/M) M/SCW LP

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Subject: [3830] FlQP W4AN/M(@KU8E/M) M/SCW LP
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Date: Tue, 28 Apr 2015 02:37:15 +0000
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                    Florida QSO Party

Call: W4AN/M
Operator(s): K4BAI KU8E
Station: KU8E/M

Class: M/SCW LP
QTH: 30 FL counties
Operating Time (hrs): 19:50

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs
   40:   241    0
   20:  1653    0
   15:   529    0
   10:     0    0
Total:  2423    9  CW Mults = 76  Ph Mults = 0  Total Score = 736,286

Club: South East Contest Club


IC756Pro2, 100W, Hustler whips.  Top hat on 40M.  New set up in new car.  Jeff
fashioned a pole attached to the luggage rack on top of his wife;s SUV with an
antenna base on each end of the pole.  Everything seemed OK at the start, but
RFI problems almost immediately developed that cost us rig control and computer
keying.  So, we logged in N1MM and send almost all CW with a Bencher paddle
using the internal keyer in the rig.  Apologies for any sending errors.  Jeff
operated only while we were stopped and I operated otherwise. Jeff had promised
his wife that no one else would drive her car.  Jeff's two teenage sons went
along for the trip and helped with navigation and logistics.  We missed a few
counties on our announced route, but got to 30 counties and ran 2 of the three
bands in almost every county.  We had 15 and 20 up during the day and 20 and 40
at night.  

Our actual claimed score is probably a bit higher than what is shown. The
summary above shows what the computer showed at the end of the contest. 
However, I neglected to change the band for about 20 or 25 QSOs, many of which
showed in the program as "dupes."  It is very diffficult to change
bands of QSOs in N1MM and I haven't make the corrections yet.  

We started in Hamilton Co, FL at the FL Welcome Center on I75 with a good
steady rain.  In Suwannee County, our cell phones warned us of a tornado
warning for the area.  We were stopped off the road at an out-of-business gas
station location. Fortnately, all we had was a lot of rain with no wind and no
tornado. But there were some trees down that we saw on our return trip Sunday. 
After a few counties, we ran out of the rain and it was geneally dry with
patches of light rain for the rest of the weekend.  Sometimes, it was very
clear and sunny on Sunday.

The mobile M/M team headed by NX4N and including K0LUZ, N4BP, and N4KM had
invited us to the home of Chris, NX4N and his XYL.  Thanks to them for
wonderful hospitality, good food, and a very interesting look at the fabulous
M/M mobile installation.

Conditions didn't seem bad on Saturday, but activity was a little
disappointing.  Sunday was much better both in activity and conditions after a
slow start for the first county or two.  This was our best year on 15M.  We had
good conditions to Europe on 15 and 20 and also on 40 after dark.  Thanks to
many who followed us around and gave us a lot of QSOs, many of these being in
Europe.  Also, NP2X, KP3A, FG8NY, and FG1PP in the Caribbean.  And KH6LC,
KL7SB, LU1FAM and PP5AX for rare mults.  FG8NY gave us many, many QSOs.  

We worked only one other FL mobile, N5NA, on 40M Sunday morning when 40M was so
slow that we did a bit of S&P.  We worked only two of the 1x1 calls needed
for the Orange certificate.  But, we were called by a lot of FL fixed stations,
particularly on 40, but also on 20 from nearby counties.

Thanks to the sponsors and all the participants.  We had a great time and hope
to be back again in the future.

73, John, K4BAI and Jeff, KU8E for W4AN/M the South East Contest Club club
call.  Send any QSL requests to K4BAI.  Direct or bureau OK.  If you are
outside of the US and want a bureau QSL, just send me the QSO details in an
e-mail and I'll send a bureau QSL card without the need of you to QSL us at

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