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[3830] 432SprngSprnt VA3ELE/R Rover LP

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Subject: [3830] 432SprngSprnt VA3ELE/R Rover LP
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Date: Thu, 30 Apr 2015 05:59:44 +0000
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                    432 MHz Spring Sprint

Call: VA3ELE/R
Operator(s): VA3ELE
Station: VA3ELE/R

Class: Rover LP
Operating Time (hrs): 3.25

Total:  QSOs = 54  Mults = 36  Tot Dist(km) = 11619  Total Score = 1,944



I can't stress it enough... prepare prepare prepare... AHEAD of time hi.

Well at the beginning things weren't looking too hot, it took forever to get
all set up (different rotor and controller = miswired). After the rotor fiasco,
I got a little hurried and miswired the relay to bypass the preamp, as the one
in the RFC 4-110 is blown(definitely time to repair that one)I needed to use my
spare external LNA.  Well once all that was over with I started listening on the
Kenwood TS2000, and without that LNA,it was definitely pretty deaf. I switched
back to the FT857 and I started hearing voices again(they weren't in my head).
Anyways, down to the results...
I cut short on EN93 and FN03 due to the delay and it shows in my results.
When in EN93 and FN03, I simply jumped across the boundary to work each station
in both grids. This seemed to work pretty well, so I continued with that system
when I went down to EN92 and FN02.

EN93 = 1957km - 12 QSOs - 7 Grids
FN03 = 1973km - 14 QSOs - 6 Grids
EN92 = 3642km - 14 QSOs - 11 Grids
FN02 = 4047km - 15 QSOs - 12 Grids


Kenwood TS2000 (short time at beginning) + Yaesu FT857
RF Concepts 4-110 100watt amplifier
KLM 435.40cx 20el cross yagi 
30ft CQ106 feedline
Yaesu 5400 AZ/EL Rotor

Thanks to all that I was able to work during this sprint and especialy those
that organize it. 

Thank you es 73 
Peter - VA3ELE/R

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