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[3830] Commonwealth GM3DR(GM3WOJ) Headquarters HP

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Subject: [3830] Commonwealth GM3DR(GM3WOJ) Headquarters HP
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Date: Sun, 10 Mar 2019 20:34:03 +0000
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                    RSGB Commonwealth Contest - 2019

Call: GM3DR
Operator(s): GM3WOJ
Station: GM3WOJ

Class: Headquarters HP
QTH: Invergordon
Operating Time (hrs): 18

 Band  QSOs
   80:  132
   40:  139
   20:  175
   15:   27
   10:    4
Total:  477  Total Score = 4,105

Club: RSGB


GM3DR HQ station 2019

The Jack Hum G5UM callbook from circa 1930 contains an entry - 'GM3DR - RSGB 
Highland Region'. This callsign has now been reallocated to the RSGB Contest 
Club, so it seemed appropriate to give GM3DR its first airing in possibly 89 
years from here in Highland Region, in a contest which dates from the same 

I found the contest a bit of a struggle for differing reasons. My station is 
being completely renovated, from the ground up (literally - I am digging a 
big hole outside the shack window for a new improved earth system)  After 
about 3 hours my Alpha 91B amp died - a fault which I thought I had fixed 
about two months ago, but obviously not.  It's a tricky fault - standing 
current = OK, but as soon as the RF drive exceeds the Electronic Bias 
Switching threshold, the plate current rockets up and it trips with an 
overcurrent fault. I suspect the negative bias voltage is disappearing 
completely when the EBS threshold is exceeded (or a duff valve / 
oscillation) but I'll find out soon.

This meant that GM3DR was then on reduced power on all but 20m, which was 
especially frustrating on LF for working VK/ZL and on 15m and 10m where UK
stations are usually workable on scatter. A number of UK stations refused to
work GM3DR when I called them - they did not realise they were losing Bonus
points :-(

Finished with 484 QSOs, but no idea of the correct final score. I am a fan of 
WinTest logging software, but it performs very badly for BERU -  quite a few 
things just don't work properly.

Thanks for all the QSOs. A special thanks to those who travel to make BERU 
more interesting for everyone.

73    Chris   GM3WOJ / GM3DR

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