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[3830] JARTS K3MM Single Op HP

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Subject: [3830] JARTS K3MM Single Op HP
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Date: Mon, 19 Oct 2020 02:28:04 +0000
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                    JARTS WW RTTY Contest - 2020

Call: K3MM
Operator(s): K3MM
Station: K3MM

Class: Single Op HP
Operating Time (hrs): 14
Radios: SO2R

 Band  QSOs  Mults
   80:   95    30
   40:  298    65
   20:  434    75
   15:  137    44
   10:    1     1
Total:  965   215  Total Score = 546,745

Club: Potomac Valley Radio Club


As usual, what started out as a test session for new hardware ended up sucking
me in for 14 hours on and off.  Didnt get on until late Saturday night, playing
around on 40 and 80.  However, I was more interested in the high band conditions
and testing the new tribander stack and triplexer at full power on RTTY.  Had a
nice 2BSIQ sequence going late Sunday Morning on 15 and 20 as fresh meat and a
nice JA pileup on 20 near the end which included a BV, YC, and DU calling in
while doing some running and mult. shopping on 15 and 40.
Still had some  problems with N1MM single computer 2 keyboard SO2R, some
probably related to the Flex 6600.  One of the odd ones was the keyboards would
apparently lose their association with one "slice".  Sometimes I would
try to add some manual text using Ctrl K and it would start sending on the wrong
slice/band.  Other times it would get hung up where it wouldnt do anything on
one slice/keyboard until something happened with the other slice.  I also got
lots of glitches during band hops involving antenna selection warning messages. 
I think I'm going back to two computers on digital modes...

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