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[3830] Hamvention KF6NCX HP

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Date: Mon, 24 May 2021 02:09:31 +0000
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                    Hamvention QSO Party - 2021

Call: KF6NCX
Operator(s): KF6NCX
Station: KF6NCX

Class: Single Op HP
Operating Time (hrs): 2.5

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs
   40:    4     0
   20:    8     0
Total:   12     0  Total Score = 12

Club: Northern California Contest Club


I really expected more from this contest. I invested 2.5 hours and made 12
contacts (well, 13, including one that I couldn’t count. ) Hardly a rate to
boast about. The good part was it was fun and the results were a little

I expected to hear lots of signals and I figured it would be like most contests
where I’d be doing S&P, not feeling gutsy enough to attempt running. Hank,
W6SX, told me that last year he made nearly 300 qsos without too much effort.

I realize it’s not fair to say this year’s contest had a terrible lack of
activity since I was only on about a fifth of the available time. But my
experience tells me it really lacked activity. 

My best session was the first one, in the morning,  when I operated for half an
hour from 1645 to 1715 and made four qsos on 20 meters. During that time, I
heard four stations in the contest calling CQ, and I was able to work three of
them: WO4O in FL, WA3AER in MD, and W5TM in OK. The fourth, K4WW in KY, was
fairly strong but apparently could not hear me although I kept trying to call
him. (I tried to call him later in the day, too, and the result was the same. I
figure my antenna’s irregular pattern just didn’t reach into KY.)

In that same period, I got a surprise when I heard OH6NVC calling CQ. He heard
me and got my full call on the second try. There was a lot of QRN, however, so
it was tough copying what he sent me. Still, it was a DX contact — Finland!

I tried listening for another 15 minutes just before 1 p.m. but heard no one on
the band. Tried 15 and 10 but the situation was the same.

For an hour in the afternoon, from 2240 to 2340, I called CQ and managed to make
six more qsos. And “manage” is the right word. Three of the six guys I
worked weren’t in the contest. I had to explain to two of them that I was in
the Hamvention contest and that I needed to know when, if ever, they had been to
the Dayton convention. The third non-contester was a really friendly fellow from
Hawaii who said he just wanted to give me a contact but didn’t know the

So, let me say to the contesters and non-contesters alike, “Thank you very
much for the qsos!”

It certainly wasn’t a red-hot contest but it was fun. And I have a strong
suspicion that for some reason, participation was down a lot compared to last
year. According to 3830 scores, last year 647 scores were posted on the website.
This year, by Sunday evening 90 scores had been posted (I still hadn’t posted
mine by then). And as for Hank, I checked and he posted just 33 qsos, compared
to 285 last year! 

73, Larry

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