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[3830] YOTA 9A21Y(@9A1TT) M/S-Youth HP

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Subject: [3830] YOTA 9A21Y(@9A1TT) M/S-Youth HP
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Date: Mon, 24 May 2021 07:45:13 +0000
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                    YOTA Contest - 2021

Call: 9A21Y
Station: 9A1TT

Class: M/S-Youth HP
Operating Time (hrs): 12
Remote Operation

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  Mults
   80:   22     54     37
   40:   68    148     69
   20:   40    489     77
   15:    7      1      8
   10:    0      0      0
Total:  137    692    191  Total Score = 386,202



Wow, what a blast. Some may say that remote operating is easy. I can assure you
that putting together a multi-op within a week of a new contest, with operators
spread across 4 times zones...from Colorado USA, via Germany and Turkey to
Malaysia, where for some the terms "mult-station" and "ten minute
rule" was gobbledygook and where the majority of the team's native language
wasn't mine - isn't easy :-)...but with teamwork and modern day technology we
pulled it off!  Technically this was a real challenge for me, as this was the
first time the station had the capability of 2 concurrent signals..ie we could
do a real multi-single.  With all Yagis for 10 thru 40m on the same rotating
tower, (and no other antennas for these bands), we were somewhat handicapped,
but it worked.  Thanks to RemoteHamRadio.com for their support with their cloud
browser console we didn't need to worry about vpns, logging software, com ports
and CAT setup on 11 PCs in 5 countries.  For many this was their first
competitive contest entry, so they didn't even have footswitches.  Band changes
were slow because we needed to make software updates each time to protect the
frontends (yet to be automated). Thanks to my assistants 9A5MX and M0NCG who
helped throughout with that and provided mentoring and coaching to a very
inexperienced team. Only the youngsters operated, so oldies Mark (M0NCG) and I,
sat and watched from the UK and Zagreb respectively.  The station performed well
despite the poor conditions. The RUN radio was a 6600 with PGXL, MULT was a 6300
with OM2000A+. Power out never exceeded 1500w and was more often than not around
1200w..as this was the first test for 2 signals from 9a1tt.

Searching for mults, where the software doesn't help you is like the old days
when you actually turned the dial...and given our last-minute decision to
operate multi-op we simply used a shared (cloud-based) log in RHR's platform. 
It meant we had no MULT or DUPE alerts and no real-time scoring (hence no
posting online).  Lee from RHR has promised to get the YOTA contest template up
and running before the next contest.  With no MULT count, we turned to Google
Sheets for a MULT Sheet that the 3rd operator updated manually (just like the
old days with the DUPE sheet)...it was cumbersome but served the purpose.

Well done to all the team, who I am sure suffered with information overload at
the start of the contest, as the final logging method was put in place almost on
the fly...and to my assistants Mark and Sven, without whom, we couldn't have
pulled this off.  Once more thank you RHR for your support (common log, login
permissioning etc) and to 4O3A for helping get the PGXL integrated at 9a1tt.

Thank you YOTA for a great experience!  Keep up the good work to keep us oldies,

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