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[3830] CWopsT K9ZO Single Op HP

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Date: Wed, 26 May 2021 14:25:25 +0000
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                    CWops Mini-CWT Test - 1300Z May 26

Call: K9ZO
Operator(s): K9ZO
Station: K9ZO

Class: Single Op HP
QTH: il
Operating Time (hrs): 1

 Band  QSOs
   40:  162
   20:   12
Total:  174  Mults = 173  Total Score = 30,102

Club: Metro DX Club


Started on 40.  Stations were weak - 579 generally.  Some of the low power guys
out west probably did not make it through and a layer of East Coast did not make
it, but there are plenty of new guys active.  Reached 100 at 1331.  Lots of
spots left so started S&P at 1339. Rate down a bit.  Things were in sync and
it went quickly, but ran out at the end.  K5KXJ & NM5S & WB6POT (CWA)
made QSOs at 38 WPM! Went to 20 for 6 minutes. Productive, but a slower rate and
few signals coming through.

Today will be an in-the-shack day.  After dinner I went out to work on the 4
square and tripped on a radial, pulled a muscle. Limped to the gator and make it
back to the shack and fell asleep.  Today was the last day of school for the
grandkids who live out this way.  For months we have gone out in the morning,
waved, and held up signs. Yesterday the bus stopped on the way to school and our
granddaughter came out to give us a present.

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