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[3830] WPX CW NN5P(K5PI) SOAB Unassisted HP

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Subject: [3830] WPX CW NN5P(K5PI) SOAB Unassisted HP
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Date: Mon, 31 May 2021 00:41:40 +0000
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                    CQWW WPX Contest, CW - 2021

Call: NN5P
Operator(s): K5PI
Station: W5KFT

Class: SOAB HP
Class Overlay: Unassisted 
Operating Time (hrs): 33

 Band  QSOs
   80:   10
   40:  851
   20: 1453
   15:  454
   10:   35
Total: 2803  Prefixes = 948  Total Score = 8,505,552

Club: Central Texas DX and Contest Club


Thunderstorms were forecast for this weekend, and soon after I arrived at the
W5KFT station, they did too.  There were some of the most intense I've ever seen
at the “radio ranch”.  Connectors in the antenna feed-through panel would
pop a bit from time to time.  But then came a CRACK! that sounded like someone
snapping a broomstick.  Uh oh, I hope I really did get everything disconnected! 

I was off the air for the first two hours or so, and then plugged everything
back in and got down to business.  The beverage was a lifesaver on 40 and I felt
like I was able to do pretty well, although I didn't really do much with the
second radio.  

I slept for three hours after EU sunrise.  The 40 JA run was pretty good but
nothing to write home about.  20 opened up nicely and I kept checking on 15, but
nothing doing.  By mid morning, I was really wondering if 15 could be completely
dead so about 1430, I decided to check the 15M stack.  It was dead.  No position
gave me anything resembling an antenna (so hopefully it's just the switch box). 
I decided to plug in a TH7 at 60' that we generally use for South America.  That
got things going.  I used that single antenna for 15 all weekend.  I didn't make
a big play on 15 on Saturday, but it was pretty good on Sunday.  I worked a
handful of JAs.  

Mid morning, I added our second TH7 to 20M to cover NW.  We have some
inter-station interference but something wasn't right.  20 was interfering with
15, which I don't remember happening.  K6LL dropped by to let me know that I was
spewing spurs.  He said it sounded like an arcing antenna.  Thanks Dave and
sorry, all, for the QRM.  The SWR on the TH7 was good, but when I took it
offline, the noise on 15 stopped.  That's an important antenna to cover NW on
20, but I decided after 15 faded I could put the good TH7 inline for 20.  That
worked but certainly imposed some limitations on direction selection.  The more
toys you have, the more time you spend fixing them!

I did 33 hours and operated unassisted.  Sorry to see the demise of those
categories.  I'll be submitting my logs to www.unassisted.org to participate in
that challenge.

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