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[3830] ARRL Sep VHF NV4B/R Limited Rover LP

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Subject: [3830] ARRL Sep VHF NV4B/R Limited Rover LP
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Date: Thu, 16 Sep 2021 18:07:44 +0000
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                    ARRL September VHF Contest - 2021

Call: NV4B/R
Operator(s): NV4B
Station: NV4B/R

Class: Limited Rover LP
QTH: Alabama
Operating Time (hrs): 21
Radios: SO2R

 Band  QSOs  Mults
    6:  113    39
    2:  134    49
  222:   34    17
  432:   38    15
Total:  320   124  Total Score = 48,360



My best VHF contest effort to date didn't begin that way.  I began putting the
rover together about an hour before the contest and got on the road about 20
minutes after the start, not getting set up at my first stop, Colbert Heights
Mountain in EM64dq, until 1930Z.  However, I was rewarded with near-constant
activity until I tore down around 2325Z.  One notable QSO from this stop was
K4RCA in FM06 on 2 meters -- a real treat in the absence of significant

I then went in motion for the remainder of Saturday night.  A hilltop stop in
EM55 netted several QSOs with Texas (EM10, EM13, EL09, EL29) on my mobile
antennas as the bands opened in that direction.  I then returned home to EM64
via EM65, adding a handful of additional QSOs.

Sunday morning from Woodall Mountain (EM54vs) brought a great tropo opening
running northeast to southwest, putting grids as far away as EM00, EM17, EN82,
FN00, and FN01 in the log on 2 meters.  Notable about this opening was the
amount of tropo present on 6 meters.  Grids such as EN80, EM98, and EM99 were
easily workable on 6 meters from EM54 Sunday morning.  The opening began to wane
quite a bit by 1600Z, and I left Woodall Mountain around 1730Z for my first
4-band full stop 'n' shoot operation from EM65.

I set up in EM65dd off the Natchez Trace Parkway in Collinwood, TN around 1915Z.
 Despite being  a fairly high spot (as partially evidenced by the presence of a
nearby fire tower), foliage presented a challenge on the higher bands. 
Worsening band conditions didn't help matters, but I still managed 55 QSOs
across 4 bands from my stop in EM65.  I then operated in motion back to EM64 and
set up with three bands in the final hour in EM64, tacking on four final Qs and
an additional mult.

Thanks to all for the Qs, especially the superb operations of N4SVC (N2CEI),
AA4ZZ, W4NH (W4ZST et al.), and AG4V/R.  The activity level in this contest was
phenomenal.  Shoutouts also to my other fellow rovers worked in the contest: 
K4NO/R, KG9OV/R, and N0LD/R.  Please keep going out of your way to call rovers
when you see or hear them!

6m:  ICOM IC-7100 (100W), 1/4-wave whip (in motion), MFJ 1762 3-element Yagi
2m:  ICOM IC-9700 (100W), Efactor dual-band loop (in motion), Diamond A144S10
10-element Yagi (stopped)
222:  Yaesu FT-736R (25W), M² HO loop (in motion), Directive Systems K1FO
10-element "rover Yagi"
432:  ICOM IC-9700 (75W), Efactor dual-band loop (in motion), Directive Systems
K1FO 15-element "rover Yagi"

QSOs by Grid:
      6   2  222 432
EM54 47  58  11  14
EM55  8  20   4   4
EM64 35  33  10  13
EM65 23  23   9   7
    113 134  34  38

QSOs by Mode:
SSB 13
CW  8
FM  5
FT8 294

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