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[AMPS] microwave ovens

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Subject: [AMPS] microwave ovens
From: (wa2moe)
Date: Thu, 29 May 1997 12:25:52 -0700
At 12:16 PM 5/29/97 +0008, you wrote:
>dear group,
>i'm in trouble here, trying to sort out the truth.
>we have those who say that k2aw uses microwave oven diodes...
>we have those who say that k2aw assembles blocks using the very 
>diodes others say are preferable to microwave oven diodes.
>this is perhaps a demonstration that the internet is a great place to 
>exchange information and misinformation.  let the reader beware!!
>George T. Daughters, K6GT
 and who cares?

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