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[AMPS] New Svetlana 3CX800A7 tube

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Subject: [AMPS] New Svetlana 3CX800A7 tube
From: (morel)
Date: Sat, 1 Nov 1997 00:53:24 +-200
I just call RF Parts and they said that the new Svetlana 3CX800
will be available next month for the price of $355.00. The price
of the original tubes made by Eimac is $379.00 at same dealer.
So, where is the catch ? Why I have to go for Svetlana for only
$24 difference ? 

Morel, 4X1AD

From:   John Lane[]
Sent:   eai ueue 31 aa?eaao 1997 19:55
To:     morel; 'AMPS posting'
Subject:        Re: [AMPS] New Svetlana 3CX800A7 tube

Hallelujah!!  Any idea of the cost?  W8KX

>Today I received the #97-10 RF Parts catalog and I saw there
>that they are selling Svetlana new  3CX800A7 tube.
>I'm looking for a spare pair of 3CX800A7 tubes for my Command
>HF-2500 amplifier and I'll appreciate any feedback on the new tube quality.
>73 de Morel, 4X1AD

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