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[AMPS] Need Summer 96 Communications Quarterly

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Subject: [AMPS] Need Summer 96 Communications Quarterly
From: (Robert E Dodson)
Date: Sun, 1 Mar 1998 23:14:47 -0500
Hi all;

        Well my Dentron MLA2500 saga has let me to want to check out the
4cx400 conversion from the original 8875 finals. Problem is I don't have
the article in the Communications Quarterly to check it out. In fact I
have never heard of the Communications Quarterly till today. Anyway if
someone has a copy they would be willing to sell me I really  would
appreciate it so I can check this out.  Supposed to be in the summer of
96 issue as I understand it.
        By the way since my Juno e-mail is long distance please reply to
me if you can help out at

WB5APD/ EM84ak
Bob Dodson

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