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Subject: [AMPS] Anode current vs cathode current...
From: (Rich Measures)
Date: Tue, 3 Mar 98 05:43:49 -0800
>Hello all,      (... a question to Rich and others who care to chime in)
>>When measuring power out, it's important to measure anode current.  If 
>>the anode current is low,  input swr may be causing the problem.  If 
>>the load is other than 50 plus or minus j zero ohms, all power 
>>measurements are suspect.  
>Would there be a specific difference from the cathode current? 
>In particular,  circuits using AB1 vs AB2?
In AB1 grid-driven, the anode and cathode currents are pretty close 
because there is zero grid current, and the screen current is typically 
only about 3% of the anode current.  .  However, in AB2 cathode-driven 
using a directly-heated cathode type tube, grid current can be 
substantial, especially during lowered anode V operation.  Nevertheless, 
in a situation where the cathode current was metered and the anode 
current was not metered, by subtracting grid from cathode current, one 
could arrive at the anode current.  
>I'm just trying to understand if there is an specific advantage/reason
>for the mention of  anode vs cathode.
By measuring anode[plate] current, one can see if the tube is being 
driven to the max rating.  There is no max. cathode current rating to 
compare with, although there probably should be, Skip.  


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