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Subject: [AMPS] Contest Station Amps
From: (Bryan)
Date: Wed, 04 Mar 1998 14:10:47 -0600
        For a number of years we used 100% Henry amps at the
W5KFT station.  If you can live with the one major limitation
that most of the Henry amps have, they are probably the best 
value and one of the most dependable amps that can be purchased.

        The main limitation with most Henry's is the band coverage 
is limited to 80-10 meters.  I think that of all the numerous models
built by Henry for HF, there have only been two that have 160 meters
on them.

        A couple of years ago we made the decision to replace the Henry
amps in our contest station because of the 160m limitation.  After a lot
of research and study, we made the decision to go with the Ameritron 
AL-1500.  We made this decision based on the following (not in any particular
                1.  Readily available reasonable priced tube ---8877
                2.  Compact table top size
                3.  Ability to run legal limit with 100 watts of drive
                  from most conventional receivers (problem with AL-1200)
              4.  Availability of used AL-1500s in the $1500-1700 price range
                5.  Simple straight forward amplifier construction
                6.  AL-1500 will work all bands 160-10 including WARC

There are probably some others, but these were the main factors

        We have been using the amps for several years now and we have only had 
problem.  In the RTTY contests, the amps are subject to a heat problem
on 15 meters.  Once we figured out the problem, it was easily solved by
placing a 
muffin fan on top of the cabinet in RTTY contests to help with the internal
build-up in the cabinet.  We have NEVER had this heat problem on either SSB
or CW 
during contest operations. 

        If I had to go look for another amp would be a used AL-1500

Bryan W5KFT

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