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[AMPS] Coil Voltages/Bandswitch

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Subject: [AMPS] Coil Voltages/Bandswitch
From: (Rich Measures)
Date: Wed, 4 Mar 98 15:17:05 -0800
>"Is the rf voltage in a final tank coil equally distributed across the coil?"
The short answer is yes provided the coil is not self-resonant.  
>The reason I'm asking this is I'm building an amp that will use
>approximately 5500v B+. I'm probably going with a roller inductor (30 amp
>30mH Gates), due to fear of the arcing contact caper in a band switch.  
The thing that causes bandswitch contact arcing is most often 
intermittent vhf oscillation.  A roller inductor can arc for the same 
>The amp would be capable of about 5kw with a 500watt driver, to be totally
>honest, so I'm selling my Centaur to avoid temptation.
The peak RF voltages across the tank inductor and tune capacitor are 
virtually the same whether you drive the tube with 50w or 500w.  However, 
the values of C and L are vastly different if the tank is designed for 
use with a drive level of 50w.    

>"Considering the voltages on the coil, and the potential power level, does
>a band switch exist to reliably switch these voltages?"

Yes.  I have a couple of them that I would like to find a home for.  What 
are your requirements? 


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