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[AMPS] if amps were V.W.s'

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Subject: [AMPS] if amps were V.W.s'
From: (Skip S Isaham)
Date: Sat, 07 Mar 1998 15:45:02 EST
I've been away, but wanted to get back to thank every one for the replies
about the labels of anode and cathode current.  I was just trying to
understand if they would interchange for the topic that was posted at the
time. It just seemed like the label changed in the middle of some thread
and I was wondering if there was a specific reason, that's all.
:       Excuse me for my comments,but how can anyone compare in the same
:breath"Ameritron" and a "Alpha 91B". This is like comparing a 1978
:with a 32 valve Cadillac Northstar.

The Beetle is/was a good hard working auto... thousands were made and
they have a  well known track record. 

:I have had the pleasure of visiting the
:plant in Bulgaria where these amps are assembled. I would be hard
:to believe that there are any Manufacturers in Ham radio that can
produce a
:quality piece like the one I saw and operated while over there. Sorry no
:contest!! Regards  Paul at Palstar in sunny downtown Piqua Ohio

We'll just have to wait and see wont we?


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