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[AMPS] Hi Down Under!!

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Subject: [AMPS] Hi Down Under!!
From: (Jon Ogden)
Date: Mon, 9 Mar 98 16:29:42 -0600
>Thanks Alik, and does take all kinds. I used to think that Ham
>radio was about meeting new people, sharing info on this or that,and
>getting NEW people on the air waves. But it sounds to me from this mail
>list....that it is an exclusive club and my kind are not welcom.
> Well thanks for the support from Down Below!!!

It's not that your kind aren't welcome.  You sure have a way of 
distorting things.  What is NOT welcome is breaking the rules.  Ham Radio 
exists as it is and has the freedom from government interference that it 
does because hams generally follow the law.  Those of us who are 
responsible vigorously go after those who are not.  It has nothing to do 
with who you are.  I don't care what license class you are.  I care that 
you are breaking the law.  That's why most hams don't cuss on the air, 
that's why most are public servants.

We have a great priviledge in this country:  The ability to freely use 
valuable spectrum space that could be sold to commercial interests.  It 
is GIVEN to us to use.  However, if we violate the rules then we risk 
losing everything.  If you don't like a rule, don't break it, work to 
change it.  The 1500 watt limit is in place for many reasons: 
interference, health, safety, etc.  If you don't like it, I suggest a 
couple of ways to fix it: Lobby your Congress-critter to introduce a bill 
changing the law, submit a proposal to the FCC, or lastly if you must run 
mega-watts: move to a country where there is no power limit.  Sure, I 
wish I could run 3 or 4 KW.  But I don't because I obey the law.

A democracy only works when the citicens obey the laws that are in place 
and then work to develop newer and better ones.  Otherwise, all we have 
is anarchy.

Don't destroy the trust we've been given.  It's not you, it's what you do.



Jon Ogden

"A life lived in fear is a life half lived."

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