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From: (Jon Ogden)
Date: Mon, 9 Mar 98 17:08:56 -0600
>How about 2 months ago...I spoke with the individual you purchased it from.
>Are you stretching things a bit?

I think he is.  In a previous post he mentioned CBers with 50 KW 
stations.  Uh, I don't know about you, but that is one hell of a lot of 
power.  The tubes alone to run that much power cost 30K to 40K each!  
Can't run 50KW with a 3CX1200A7!  Well, I suppose you could if you 
paralled up about 50 of them.  But given the fact that the tubes have 
maybe 15 dB gain, then you'd need driver stages and everything.  Oh 
heavens, then you'd have to do high power combining networks, etc.  And 
imagine the current draw!  You'd also need feedline much heavier than RG8 
which can only handle about 1300 watts.  Oh yes, what about the antenna?  
Couldn't run 50 KW through a standard CB antenna found at the local 
Trucker's Haven.

Gee, imagine what would happen at 50 KW with just a 1.8:1 SWR on the 
antenna.  Know how much power is being reflected at you? 4100 watts!  

This guy is losing more and more credibility every minute.  Kinda makes 
me chuckle!


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Jon Ogden

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