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[AMPS] John Brosnahan W0UN new ALPHA/POWER Chief

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Subject: [AMPS] John Brosnahan W0UN new ALPHA/POWER Chief
From: (Richard W. Ehrhorn)
Date: Wed, 11 Mar 1998 22:43:07 -0000
Greetings everybody,

I'm absolutely tickled to tell you that John Brosnahan, W0UN, took over as 
President and Technical Director of ALPHA/POWER, Inc. on March 2, 1998.

Dave Wilson did a fine job of leading the business through an extremely 
difficult transition from ETO, where it had become an orphan, into a 
completely independent company. If you've dealt with ALPHA/ POWER in the 
past year you already know how much things changed. Service turnaround is a 
matter of days and new amplifier delivery typically varies from in stock to 
a couple of  weeks or so. But as we moved on to diversification and more 
new product development, Dave decided to pursue different challenges. We 
wish him well.

I've known and respected John for many years. His interests in amateur 
radio are both broad and intense, spanning technology and operating, 
especially contests. He's long had a pair of ALPHA 87As at W0UN [good 
taste!] and his incredible 160 acre antenna farm and station would be the 
envy of any ham - and of most commercial stations!

John has a great deal of professional experience designing and 
manufacturing rf amplifiers, receivers, antennas, and control systems used 
by numerous government and university research programs for ionospheric 
sounding and remote sensing projects.

John and I think much alike and share many of the same values, particularly 
those relating to business and people. He was my first choice to run 
"privatized" ALPHA in 1996 but was otherwise committed at that time. This 
time we met for 4 hours and came to agreement on a handshake.  I can 
honestly say that I know no one else in the world whom I'd rather have 
leading ALPHA/POWER.

We'll be looking for you at Visalia and Dayton.

73,      Dick W0ID

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