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Subject: [AMPS] Thank You
From: (Richard Carroll)
Date: Fri, 13 Mar 1998 10:10:02 -0600
I never owned a tuner of any type until I stopped using rigs with tube finals
and pi network output, and almost never need one with an amp using a pi-net
output. Of course a pi-net is a limited range tuner. I started looking for a
Drake MN2700 after a friend told me of using one for several years on a BC610
running full output AM on 160 meters feeding a full wave loop. He says it even
runs cool.

73, Dick W0EX

Jon Ogden wrote:

> >First you have to decide WHY you need a tuner; then the bands you need a
> >tuner for.
> >There is very little reason to use a tuner with many coax fed antennas.
> If you have an old tube rig or a tube amp, then no, you really don't need
> a tuner.  You just tune the output network to match the impedance of the
> load (antenna).
> However, if you have a solid state rig or amp, then a tuner is ESSENTIAL
> if you are going to get any kind of power transfer.
> Also, tuners do help to cut down on harmonics as the do act as low pass
> filters.
> But I agree with you that a tuner will not make a bad antenna any better.
>  A 5:1 SWR without a tuner is stil a 5:1 SWR on the output of the tuner.
> Your exciter just thinks the load is good.
> 73,
> Jon
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