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[AMPS] fs-2 pairs Eimac 8875s-

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Subject: [AMPS] fs-2 pairs Eimac 8875s-
From: (Steve Thompson)
Date: Mon, 16 Mar 1998 20:37:56 +0000
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<> writes
>I suspect there will be some interest here on these scarce tubes. Contact
>him...NOT me please.
>73  Carl  KM1H
>> From: RLucch2098 <>
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>> Subject: fs-(2)Eimac 8875's-
To: <>
>> Date: Friday, March 13, 1998 10:28 PM
>> Hi Guys;
>> I have a good used pair of Eimac 8875's from a Dentron MLA-2500, 
>> Price is $450 shipped Conus.
>> Thanks es 73...........RICH

At these prices I'll sell both pairs which I have - both do 800W cw, 1kW
pep output in MLA2500. They are the earlier type with solid copper anode
fins, later ones had lightweight diecast.

Steve (Reading, England)

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