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[AMPS] trode amp control board

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Subject: [AMPS] trode amp control board
From: (Dick Hanson)
Date: Tue, 17 Mar 1998 09:36:35 -0500
Howdy amp builders......
For those of you who build and may have need of  a kind of generic control
board, here is something that may help. The pc board is 2" x 4" and does the
following: interrupts the ptt line if you lose anode voltage; interrupts the
ptt line if the tube draws more than a preset amount of grid current;
activates the ptt line either by grounding one contact or by applying +12vdc
to another; holds off the ptt line for a preset time depending on the tube
or your preference. Most all of the above functions are indicated by LEDs.
These boards are now available from Fred at Far Circuits. If anyone is
interested in a schematic, component lay-out and theory of operation, send
me an SASE.
Dick Hanson, K5AND (ex N4HSM)
7540 Williamsburg Dr.
Cumming, Ga   30041
Dick Hanson, K5AND  (ex N4HSM) EM74 Cumming, Ga.

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